The Cambridge handbook of situated cognition [E-Book] / edited by Philip Robbins, Murat Aydede.
Robbins, Philip, (editor)
Aydede, Murat, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2009
1 online resource (xi, 520 pages)
Cambridge handbooks in psychology
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Table of Contents:
  • Backdrop
  • A short primer on situated cognition / Philip Robbins and Murat Aydede
  • Scientific antecedents of situated cognition / William J. Clancey
  • Philosophical antecedents of situated cognition / Shaun Gallagher
  • Conceptual foundations
  • How to situate cognition : letting nature take its course / Robert A. Wilson and Andy Clark
  • Why the mind is still in the head / Fred Adams and Kenneth Aizawa
  • Innateness and the situated mind / Robert Rupert
  • Situated representation / Mark Rowlands
  • Dynamics, control, and cognition / Chris Eliasmith
  • Explanation : mechanism, modularity, and situated cognition / William Bechtel
  • Embedded rationality / Ruth Millikan
  • Empirical developments
  • Situated perception and sensation in vision and other modalities : from an active to a sensorimotor account / Erik Myin and Kevin O'Regan
  • Spatial cognition : embodied and situated / Barbara Tversky
  • Remembering / John Sutton
  • Situating concepts / Lawrence W. Barsalou
  • Problem-solving and situated cognition / David Kirsh
  • The dynamic interactions between situations and decisions / Jerome R. Busemeyer, Ryan K. Jessup, and Eric Dimperio
  • Situating rationality : ecologically rational decision making with simple heuristics / Henry Brighton and Peter M. Todd
  • Situativity and learning / R. Keith Sawyer and James G. Greeno
  • Language in the brain, body, and world / Rolf A. Zwaan and Michael P. Kaschak
  • Language processing embodied and embedded / Michael Spivey and Daniel Richardson
  • Situated semantics / Varol Akman
  • Is consciousness embodied? / Jesse J. Prinz
  • Emotions in the wild : the situated perspective on emotion / Paul Griffiths and Andrea Scarantino
  • The social context of cognition / Eliot R. Smith and Frederica R. Conrey
  • Cognition for culture / Michael Tomasello and Felix Warneken
  • Neuroethology : from morphological computation to planning / Malcolm A. MacIver.