Invasion biology and ecological theory : insights from a continent in transformation [E-Book] / edited by Herbert H.T. Prins, Wageningen University, The Netherlands, and Iain J. Gordon, James Hutton Institute, UK.
Prins, H. H. T., (editor)
Gordon, I. J., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2014
1 online resource (xiv, 528 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Testing hypotheses about biological invasions and Charles Darwin's two-creators rumination / Herbert H.T. Prins and Iain J. Gordon
  • Australia's Acacia : unrecognized convergent evolution / Joseph T. Miller and Martin Burd
  • The mixed success of Mimosoideae clades invading into Australia / Kyle W. Tomlinson
  • Perspectives from parrots on biological invasions / Leo Joseph
  • Invasion ecology of honeyeaters / Janette A. Norman and Leslie Christidis
  • The invasion of terrestrial fauna into marine habitat : birds in mangroves / David Luther
  • The biological invasion of Sirenia into Australasia / Hans H. de Iongh and Daryl P. Domning
  • Flying foxes and drifting continents / David A. Westcott and Adam McKeown
  • Invasion ecology of Australasian marsupials / Christopher R. Dickman
  • Murine rodents : late but highly successful invaders / Ken Aplin and Fred Ford
  • Drift of a continent : broken connections / Carol Ann Stannard
  • The development of a climate : an arid continent with wet fringes / Sandra McLaren, Malcolm W. Wallace, Stephen J. Gallagher, Barbara E. Wagstaff and Anne-Marie P. Tosolini
  • Invasion of woody shrubs and trees / Kris French, Ben Gooden and Tanya Mason
  • Modern tree colonisers from Australia into the rest of the world / Trevor H. Booth
  • Failed introductions : finches from outside Australia / Jan Komdeur and Martijn Hammers
  • The skylark / Judit K. Szabo
  • Why northern hemisphere waders did not colonise the south / Ken Kraaijeveld
  • Weak migratory interchange by birds between Australia and Asia / David Roshier and Leo Joseph
  • Introducing a new top predator, the dingo / Christopher N. Johnson and Mike Letnic
  • The European rabbit : Australia's worst mammalian invader / Steven R. McLeod and Glen Saunders
  • The rise and fall of the Asian water buffalo in the monsoonal tropics of northern Australia / Patricia A. Werner
  • A critique of ecological theory and a salute to natural history / Herbert H.T. Prins and Iain J. Gordon.