Kurt Gödel : essays for his centennial [E-Book] / edited by Solomon Feferman, Charles Parsons, Stephen G. Simpson.
Gödel, Kurt, (editor)
Feferman, Solomon, (editor) / Parsons, Charles, (editor) / Simpson, Stephen G., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2010
1 online resource (x, 373 pages)
Lecture notes in logic ; 33
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Table of Contents:
  • GENERAL. The Gödel editorial project : a synopsis / Solomon Feferman
  • Future tasks for Gödel scholars / John W. Dawson, Jr., and Cheryl A. Dawson
  • PROOF THEORY. Gödel and the metamathematical tradition / Jeremy Avigad
  • Only two letters : the correspondence between Herbrand and Gödel / Wilfried Sieg
  • Gödel's reformulation of Gentzen's first consistency proof for arithmetic : the no-counterexample interpretation / W.W. Tait
  • Gödel on intuition and on Hilbert's finitism / W.W. Tait
  • The Gödel hierarchy and reverse mathematics / Stephen G. Simpson
  • On the outside looking in : a caution about conservativeness / John P. Burgess
  • SET THEORY. Gödel and set theory / Akihiro Kanamori
  • Generalizations of Gödel's universe of constructible sets / Sy-David Friedman
  • On the question of absolute undecidability / Peter Koellner
  • PHILOSOPHY OF MATHEMATICS. What did Gödel believe and when did he believe it? / Martin Davis
  • On Gödel's way in : the influence of Rudolf Carnap / Warren Goldfarb
  • Gödel and Carnap / Steve Awodey and A.W. Carus
  • On the philosophical development of Kurt Gödel / Mark van Atten and Juliette Kennedy
  • Platonism and mathematical intuition in Kurt Gödel's thought / Charles Parsons
  • Gödel's conceptual realism / Donald A. Martin.