Paleomagnetism of the Atlantic, Tethys, and Iapetus oceans [E-Book] / Rob Van der Voo.
Van der Voo, R., (author)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1993
1 online resource (411 pages)
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This book explains the use and techniques of paleomagnetism to map the movement of major portions of the Earth's surface through time. Written for a geological audience, the initial chapters provide the basic essentials for understanding the value and significance of paleomagnetic results. The later chapters are unique in bringing together the vast amounts of available paleomagnetic data and analyses. This information is integrated with the paleogeography and tectonic movements of the blocks and placed in context with current tectonic hypotheses. A considerable proportion of the present continents are considered - that is the land areas that are now found around the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and in Asia. Also presented is an extensive catalogue of paleomagnetic results for all major continents and the displaced elements that they contain.