Forests, water, and people in the humid tropics : past, present, and future hydrological research for intergrated land and water management [E-Book] / edited by M. Bonell, L.A. Bruijnzeel.
Bonell, Michael, (editor)
Bruijnzeel, Leendert Adriaan, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2005
1 online resource (xvii, 925 pages)
International hydrology series
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Table of Contents:
  • Foreword / Charles Pereira
  • 1. Trends and pattern of tropical land use change / R. Drigo
  • 2. The myth of efficiency through market economics : a biophysical analysis of tropical economies, especially with respect to energy, forests and water / C.A.S. Hall and J.-Y. Ko
  • 3. Impacts of land cover change in the Brazilian Amazon : a resource manager's perspective / E.A. Serrao and I.S. Thompson
  • 4. Forest people and changing tropical forestland use in tropical Asia / J. Schweithelm
  • 5. People in tropical forests : problem or solution? / A.L. Hall
  • 6. Useful myths and intractable truths : the politics of the link between forests and water in Central America / D. Kaimowitz
  • 7. Land use, hydrological function and economic valuation / B. Aylward
  • 8. Water resources management policy responses to land cover change in South East Asian river basins / D. Murdiyarso
  • 9. Community-based hydrological and water quality assessments in Mindanao, Philippines / W.G. Dentsch, A.L. Busby, J.L. Orprecio, J.P. Bago-Labis and E.Y. Cequina
  • 10. An overview of the meteorology and climatology of the humid tropics / J. Callaghan and M. Bonell
  • 11. Synoptic and mesoscale rain producing systems in the humid tropics / M. Bonell, J. Callaghan and G. Connor
  • 12. Climate variability in the tropics / G. Mahe, E. Servat and J. Maley
  • 13. Controls on evaporation in lowland tropical rainforest / J.M. Roberts, J.H.C. Gash, M. Tani and L.A. Bruijnzeel
  • 14. Runoff generation in tropical forests / M. Bonell
  • 15. Erosion and sediment yield in the humid tropics / I. Douglas and J.-L. Guyot
  • 16. Rainforest mineral nutrition : the 'black box' and a glimpse inside it / J. Proctor
  • 17. Hydrology of tropical wetland forests : recent research results from Sarawak peatswamps / A. Hooijer
  • 18. Tropical montane cloud forest : a unique hydrological case / L.A. Bruijnzeel
  • 19. Natural disturbances and the hydrology of humid tropical forests / F.N. Scatena, E.O. Planos-Gutierrez and J. Schellekens
  • 20. Spatially significant effects of selective tropical forestry on water, nutrient and sediment flows : a modelling-supported review / N.A. Chappell, W. Tych, Z. Yusop, N.A. Rahim and B. Kasran
  • 21. Effects of shifting cultivation and forest fire / A. Malmer, M. van Noordwijk and L.A. Bruijnzeel
  • 22. Soil and water impacts during forest conversion and stabilisation to new land use / H. Grip, J.-M. Fritsch and L.A. Bruijnzeel
  • 23. Large-scale hydrological impacts of tropical forest conversion / M.H. Costa
  • 24. Forest recovery in the humid tropics : changes in vegetation structure, nutrient pools and the hydrological cycle / D. Holscher, J. Mackensen and J.-M. Roberts
  • 25. The hydrological and soil impacts of forestation in the tropics / D.F. Scott, L.A. Bruijnzeel and J. Mackensen
  • 26. The potential of agroforestry for sustainable land and water management / J.S. Wallace, A. Young and C.K. Ong
  • 27. Remote sensing tools in tropical forest hydrology : new sensors / A.A. Held and E. Rodriguez
  • 28. Detecting change in river flow series / Z.W. Kundzewicz and A.J. Robson
  • 29. How to choose an appropriate catchment model / C. Barnes and M. Bonell
  • 30. The disaggregation of monthly streamflow for ungauged sub-catchments of a gauged irrigated catchment in northern Thailand / S.Y. Schreider and A.J. Jakeman
  • 31. Parsimonious spatial representation of tropical soils within dynamic rainfall-runoff models / N.A. Chappell, K. Bidin, M.D. Sherlock and J.W. Lancaster
  • 32. Isotope tracers in catchment hydrology in the humid tropics / J.M. Buttle and J.J. McDonnell
  • 33. Process-based erosion modelling : promises and progress / B. Yu
  • 34. Impacts of forest conversion on the ecology of streams in the humid tropics / N.M. Connolly and R.G. Pearson
  • 35. Guidelines for controlling vegetation, soil and water impacts of timber harvesting in the humid tropics / D.S. Cassells and L.A. Bruijnzeel
  • 36. Minimising the hydrological impact of forest harvesting in Malaysia's rainforests / H.C. Thang and N.A. Chappell
  • 37. Red flags of warning in land clearing / L.S. Hamilton
  • 38. From nature to nurture : soil and water management for rainfed steeplands in the humid tropics / W.R.S. Critchley
  • Conclusion : forests, water and people in the humid tropics : an emerging view / L.A. Bruijnzeel, M. Boncil, D.A. Gilmour and D. Lamb.