Computational lexical semantics [E-Book] / edited by Patrick Saint-Dizier, Evelyne Viegas.
Saint-Dizier, Patrick, (editor)
Viegas, Evelyne, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1995
1 online resource (ix, 447 pages)
Studies in natural language processing
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Table of Contents:
  • An introduction to lexical semantics from a linguistic and a psycholinguistic perspective / Patrick Saint-Dizier and Evelyne Viegas
  • Polysemy and related phenomena from a cognitive linguistic viewpoint / D.A. Cruse
  • Mental lexicon and machine lexicon : which properties are shared by machine and mental word representations? Which are not? / Jean-François Le Ny
  • Linguistic constraints on type coercion / James Pustejovsky
  • From lexical semantics to text analysis / Sabine Bergler
  • Lexical functions, generative lexicons and the world / Dirk Heylen
  • Semantic features in a generic lexicon / Gabriel G. Bès and Alain Lecomte
  • Lexical semantics and terminological knowledge representation / Gerrit Burkert
  • Word meaning between lexical and conceptual structure / Peter Gerstl
  • The representation of group denoting nouns in a lexical knowledge base / Ann Copestake
  • A preliminary lexical and conceptual analysis of BREAK : a computational perspective / Martha Palmer and Alain Polguère
  • Large neural networks for the resolution of lexical ambiguity / Jean Véronis and Nancy Ide
  • Blocking / Ted Briscoe, Ann Copestake, and Alex Lascarides
  • A non-monotonic approach to lexical semantics / Daniel Kayser and Hocine Abir
  • Inheriting polysemy / Adam Kilgarriff
  • Lexical semantics : dictionary or encyclopedia? / Marc Cavazza and Pierre Zweigenbaum
  • Lexical functions of the Explanatory combinatorial dictionary for lexicalization in text generation / Margarita Alonso Ramos, Agnes Tutin, and Guy Lapalme
  • A lexical-semantic solution to the divergence problem in machine translation / Bonnie J. Dorr
  • Introducing LexLog / Jacques Jayez
  • Constraint propagation techniques for lexical semantics descriptions / Patrick Saint-Dizier.