Marine ecosystems : human impacts on biodiversity, functioning and services [E-Book] / edited by Tasman P. Crowe, University College Dublin, Ireland, Christopher L.J. Frid, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia.
Crowe, Tasman P., (editor)
Frid, Chris, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2015
1 online resource (x, 397 pages)
Ecology, biodiversity, and conservation
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Table of Contents:
  • Part I. Key concepts. 1. Introduction / Tasman Crowe, Melanie Austen and Christopher Frid ; 2. Ecosystem services and benefits from marine ecosystems / Melanie Austen, Caroline Hattam and Tobias Börger ; 3. Assessing human impacts on marine ecosystems / Christopher Frid and Tasman Crowe ; 4. Modifiers of impacts on marine ecosystems : disturbance regimes, multiple stressors and receiving environments / Devin Lyons, Lisandro Benedetti-Cecchi, Christopher Frid and Rolf Vinebrooke ; 5. Impacts of changing biodiversity on marine ecosystem functioning / Tasman Crowe
  • Part II. Impacts of human activities and pressures. 6. Marine fisheries and aquaculture / Odette Paramor and Christopher Frid ; 7. Artificial physical structures / Fabio Bulleri and M. Gee Chapman ; 8. Eutrophication and hypoxia : impacts of nutrient and organic enrichment / Samuli Korpinen and Erik Bonsdorff ; 9. Pollution : effects of chemical contaminants and debris / Emma L. Johnston and Mariana Mayer-Pinto ; 10. Invasions by non-indigenous species / Mads Solgaard Thomsen, Thomas Wernberg and David Schiel
  • Part III. Synthesis and conclusions. 11. Human activities and ecosystem service use : impacts and trade-offs / Melanie Austen, Caroline Hattam and Samantha Garrard ; 12. Conclusions / Tasman Crowe, Dave Raffaelli and Christopher Frid.