Multilevel governance of global environmental change : perspectives from science, sociology and the law [E-Book] / edited by Gerd Winter.
Winter, Gerd, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2006
1 online resource (xxii, 630 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Dimensions and mechanisms of global climate change / Peter Lemke
  • Global climate change / Stefan Rahmstorf
  • Social embeddedness of global environmental governance / Karl-Werner Brand and Fritz Reusswig
  • Globalizing a green civil society / Asher Alkoby
  • Private authority, global governance, and the law / Martin Herberg
  • Responsibility of transnational corporations in international environmental law / Andrþe Nollkaemper
  • Transboundary corporate responsibility in environmental matters / Jonas Ebbesson
  • Diffusion of environmental policy innovations / Kerstin Tews
  • Process related measures and global environmental governance / Christian Tietje
  • Impact of the U.S.A. on regime formation and implementation / Thomas Giegerich
  • Transnational bureaucracy networks, a resource of global environmental governance? / Michael Warning
  • EU / Ludwig Kraemer
  • Transition and governance / Stephen Stec, Alexios Antypas and Tamara Steger
  • Multilateral environmental agreements and the compliance continuum / Jutta Brunnþee
  • On clustering international environmental agreements / Konrad von Moltke
  • Institutions, knowledge and change / Helmut Breitmeier
  • Regulatory competition and developing countries and the challenge for compliance-push and pull measures / Joyeeta Gupta
  • Policy instrument innovation in the european union / Andrew Jordan, Rudiger K.W. Wurzel and Anthony R. Zito
  • Financial instruments and cooperation in implementing international agreements for the global environment / Charlotte Streck
  • Global environmental change and the nation state / Peter H. Sand
  • Whose environment? / Michael Bothe
  • Globalising environmental liability / A.E. Boyle
  • Legal nature of environmental principles in international, EU and exemplary national law / Gerd Winter.