Personal recollections, from early life to old age : with selections from her correspondence [E-Book] / Mary Somerville ; edited by Martha Somerville.
Somerville, Mary, (author)
Somerville, Martha Charters, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2010
1 online resource (vi, 377 pages)
Cambridge library collection. Physical sciences
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These Personal Recollections contain the memoirs and a selection of the correspondence of the nineteenth-century polymath Mary Somerville (1780-1872). The book was first published in 1873, a year after Mary's death, by her daughter Martha, who wrote brief introductions to the text. Mary Somerville is best known for her pioneering scientific publications which include her translation of Laplace's Mécanique Céleste (1831: also resissued in this series); On the Connection of the Physical Sciences (1834); Physical Geography (1848); and On Molecular and Microscopic Science (1869). Through these publications, Somerville made a lasting contribution to the dissemination of scientific knowledge. Somerville's correspondence deals primarily with her public life, while the memoirs offer insight into her private sphere: the discouragement she faced in pursuit of learning; her passion for women's education and suffrage; family life; and personal faith. Her story is compelling, and her experiences may resonate with many women today.