Sex ratios : concepts and research methods [E-Book] / edited by Ian C.W. Hardy.
Hardy, Ian, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2002
1 online resource (xii, 424 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Sex ratio theory
  • Models of sex ratio evolution /
  • Jon Seger, J. William Stubblefield
  • Optimal sex allocation: steps towards a mechanistic theory /
  • Ido Pen, Franz J. Weissing
  • Statistical analysis of sex ratio data
  • Statistical analysis of sex ratios: an introduction /
  • Kenneth Wilson, Ian C.W. Hardy
  • Analysis of sex ratios in social insects /
  • Jacobus J. Boomsma, Gosta Nachman
  • Analysis of sex ratio variances and sequences of sex allocation /
  • Sven Krackow, Evert Meelis, Ian C.W. Hardy
  • Comparative analysis of sex ratios /
  • Peter J. Mayhew, Ido Pen
  • Genetics of sex ratio and sex determination
  • Sex-determining mechanisms in vertebrates /
  • Sarah B.M. Kraak, Ido Pen
  • Sex determination in invertebrates /
  • James M. Cook
  • Sex ratio distorters and their detection /
  • Richard Stouthamer, Gregory D.D. Hurst, Johannes A.J. Breeuwer
  • Animal sex ratios under different life-histories
  • Sex ratios of parasitic Hymenoptera with unusual life-histories /
  • Paul J. Ode, Martha S. Hunter
  • Sex ratio control in arrhenotokous and pseudo-arrhenotokous mites /
  • Maurice W. Sabelis, Cornelis J. Nagelkerke, Johannes A.J. Breeuwer
  • Aphid sex ratios /
  • William A. Foster
  • Sex ratios in birds and mammals: can the hypotheses be disentangled? /
  • Andrew Cockburn, Sarah Legge, Michael C. Double
  • Human sex ratios: adaptations and mechanisms, problems and prospects /
  • John Lazarus
  • Sex ratios in plants and protozoa
  • Sex ratios of malaria parasites and related protozoa /
  • Andrew F. Read, Todd G. Smith, Sean Nee, Stuart A. West.