Universal themes of Bose-Einstein condensation [E-Book] / [edited by] Nick P. Proukakis, David W. Snoke, Peter B. Littlewood.
Proukakis, Nick P., (editor)
Snoke, David W., (editor) / Littlewood, Peter B., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2017
1 online resource (xii, 649 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Universality and Bose-Einstein condensation: perspectives on recent work / D.W. Snoke, N.P. Proukakis, T. Giamarchi, P.B. Littlewood
  • A history of Bose-Einstein condensation of atomic hydrogen / T. Greytak, D. Kleppner
  • Twenty years of atomic quantum gases: 1995-2015 / W. Ketterle
  • Introduction to polariton condensation / P.B. Littlewood, A. Edelman
  • The question of spontaneous symmetry breaking in condensates / D.W. Snoke, A.J. Daley
  • Effects of interactions on Bose-Einstein condensation / R.P. Smith
  • Formation of Bose-Einstein condensates / M.J. Davis, T.M. Wright, T. Gasenzer, S.A. Gardiner, N.P. Proukakis
  • Quenches, relaxation and pre-thermalization in lated quantum system / T. Langen, J. Schmiedmayer
  • Ultracold gases with intrinsic scale invariance / C. Chin
  • Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless phase of a driven-dissipative condensate / N.Y. Kim, W.H. Nitsche, Y. Yamamoto
  • Superfluidity and phase correlations of driven dissipative condensates / J. Keeling, L.M. Sieberer, E. Altman, L. Chen, S. Diehl, J. Toner
  • BEC to BCS crossover from superconductors to polaritons / A. Edelman, P.B. Littlewood
  • Probing and controlling strongly correlated quantum many-body systems using ultracold quantum gases / I. Bloch
  • Preparing and probing Chern bands with cold atoms / N. Goldman, N.R. Cooper, J. Dalibard
  • Bose-Einstein condensates in artificial gauge fields / L.J. LeBlanc, I.B. Spielman
  • Second sound in ultracold atomic gases / L. Pitaevskii, S. Stringari
  • Quantum turbulence in atomic Bose-Einstein condensates / N.G. Parker, A.J. Allen, C.F. Barenghi, N.P. Proukakis
  • Spinor-dipolar aspects of Bose-Einstein condensation / M. Ueda
  • Bose-Einstein condensation of photons and grand-canonical condensate fluctuations / J. Klaers, M. Weitz
  • Laser operation and Bose-Einstein condensation: analogies and differences / A. Chiocchetta, A. Gambassi, I. Carusotto
  • Vortices in resonant polariton condensates in semiconductor microcavities / D.N. Krizhanovskii, K. Guda, M. Sich, M.S. Skolnick, L. Dominici, D. Sanvitto
  • Optical control of polariton condensates / G. Christmann, P.G. Savvidis, J.J. Baumberg
  • Disorder, synchronization and phase-locking in non-equilibrium Bose-Einstein condensates / P.R. Eastham, B. Rosenow
  • Collective topological excitations in 1D polariton quantum fluids / H. Ter�cas, D.D. Solnyshkov, G. Malpuech
  • Microscopic theory of Bose-Einstein condensation of magnons at room temperature / H. Salman, N.G. Berloff, S.O. Demokritov
  • Spintronics and magnon Bose-Einstein condensation / R.A. Duine, A. Brataas, S.A. Bender, Y. Tserkovnyak
  • Spin-superfluidity and spin-current mediated non-local transport / H. Chen and A.H. MacDonald
  • Bose-Einstein condensation in quantum magnets / C. Kollath, T. Giamarchi, C. R�uegg
  • Bose-Einstein condensates in neutron stars / C.J. Pethick, T. Sch�afer, A. Schwenk
  • A simulated cosmological metric: the superfluid 3He condensate / G.R. Pickett
  • Cosmic axion Bose-Einstein condensation / N. Banik, P. Sikivie
  • Graviton BEC's: a new approach to quantum gravity / G. Dvali, C. Gomez.