Genetic suspects : global governance of forensic DNA profiling and databasing [E-Book] / edited by Richard Hindmarsh, Barbara Prainsack.
Hindmarsh, R. A., (editor)
Prainsack, Barbara, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2010
1 online resource (xxv, 343 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Introducing Genetic suspects / Richard Hindmarsh and Barbara Prainsack
  • Key issues in DNA profiling and databasing: implications for governance / Barbara Prainsack
  • Forensic utilization of voluntarily collected DNA samples: law enforcement versus human rights / Elazar Zadok, Gali Ben-Or and Gabriela Fisman
  • Base assumptions? Racial aspects of US DNA forensics / Harriet A. Washington
  • Health and wealth, law and order: banking DNA against disease and crime / Richard Tutton and Mairi Levitt
  • DNA profiling versus fingerprint evidence: more of the same? / Simon A. Cole and Michael Lynch
  • DNA databases and the forensic imaginary / Robin Williams
  • Partners in crime: on the use of forensic DNA technologies in Austria / Barbara Prainsack
  • Inquisitorial forensic DNA profiling in the Netherlands and the expansion of the forensic genetic body / Victor Toom
  • DNA the Nor-way: black boxing the evidence and monopolising the key / Johanne Yttri Dahl
  • Portuguese forensic DNA database: political enthusiasm, public trust and probable issues in future practice / Helena Machado and Susana Silva
  • On trial! Governing forensic DNA technologies in the United States / Jay D. Aronson
  • Biosurveillance and biocivic concerns, from 'truth' to 'trust': the Australian forensic DNA terrain / Richard Hindmarsh
  • Finding the balance: forensic DNA profiling in New Zealand / Johanna S. Veth and Gerald Midgley
  • Forensic DNA profiling and databasing: the Philippines experience / Maria Corazon De Ungria and Jose Manguera Jose
  • Beyond borders: trends and challenges in global forensic profiling and databasing / Barbara Prainsack and Richard Hindmarsh.