Volcanism and global environmental change [E-Book] / edited by Anja Schmidt, University of Leeds, Kirsten Fristad, NASA Ames Research Center, Linda Elkins-Tanton, Arizona State University.
Schmidt, Anja, (editor)
Fristad, Kirsten, (editor) / Elkins-Tanton, Linda T., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2015
1 online resource (xvi, 324 pages)
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245 0 0 |a Volcanism and global environmental change  |h [E-Book] /  |c edited by Anja Schmidt, University of Leeds, Kirsten Fristad, NASA Ames Research Center, Linda Elkins-Tanton, Arizona State University. 
264 1 |a Cambridge :  |b Cambridge University Press,  |c 2015  |e (CUP)  |f CUP20200108 
300 |a 1 online resource (xvi, 324 pages) 
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505 8 |a Machine generated contents note: Preface; List of contributors; Part I. Large Volume Volcanism: Origins, Features, and Timing: 1. Large Igneous Provinces and explosive basaltic volcanism Ingrid Ukstins Peate and Linda Elkins-Tanton; 2. On the nature and consequences of super-eruptions Clive Oppenheimer and Amy Donovan; 3. Large Igneous Province locations and their connections with the core mantle boundary Trond H. Torsvik and Kevin Burke; 4. High-precision U/Pb geochronology of Phanerozoic Large Igneous Provinces Seth Burgess, Terrence J. Blackburn and Samuel A. Bowring; 5. Volcanic pulses in the Siberian Traps as inferred from Permo-Triassic geomagnetic secular variations Volodia Pavlov, Fre;de;ric Fluteau, Roman Veselovskiy, Anna Fetisova, A. Latyshev, Linda Elkins-Tanton, Alexander Sobolev and Nadezhda Krivolutskaya; Part II. Assessing Gas and Tephra Release in the Present Day and Paleo-Record: 6. Volcanic gas monitoring Alessandro Aiuppa; 7. Remote sensing of volcanic ash and sulphur dioxide Fred Prata and Gemma Prata; 8. Quantification of volcanic reactive halogen emissions Ulrich Platt and Nicole Bobrowski; 9. Satellite and aircraft-based techniques to measure volcanic emissions and hazards David Pieri; 10. The origin of gases that caused the Permian-Triassic extinction Nick Arndt, Alexander Sobolev, Nadezhda Krivolutskaya, Dimitry V. Kuzmin and Stephan V. Sobolev; 11. Volatile release from flood basalt eruptions: understanding the potential environmental effects Stephen Self, Lori Glaze, Anja Schmidt and Tamsin A. Mather; 12. Volatile generation and release from continental Large Igneous Provinces Henrik Svensen, Kirsten Fristad, Alexander Polozov and Sverre Planke; Part III. Modes of Volcanically-Induced Global Environmental Change: 13. Volcanism, the atmosphere, and climate through time Anja Schmidt and Alan Robock; 14. Volcanic emissions: short-term perturbations, long-term consequences and global environmental change Tamsin A. Mather and David M. Pyle; 15. Evidence for volcanism triggering extinctions: a short history of IPGP contributions with emphasis on paleomagnetism Vincent Courtillot, Fre;de;ric Fluteau and Jean Besse; 16. Halogen release from Plinian eruptions and depletion of stratospheric ozone Kirstin Krüger, Steffen Kutterolf and Thor H. Hansteen; 17. The environmental and climatic impacts of volcanic ash deposition Morgan Jones; 18. Oceanic anoxia during the Permian-Triassic transition and links to volcanism Ellen Schaal, Katja Meyer, Jonathan Payne, Kimberley Lau and Juan Carlos Silva-Tamayo; 19. Spatial and temporal patterns of ocean acidification during the end-Permian mass extinction: an Earth system model evaluation Ying Cui, Lee Kump and Andy Ridgwell; 20. Environmental effects of Large Igneous Province magmatism: a Siberian perspective Benjamin Black, Jean-François Lamarque, Christine Shields, Linda Elkins-Tanton and Jeffrey T. Kiehl. 
520 |a Covering a key connection between geological processes and life on Earth, this multidisciplinary volume describes the effects of volcanism on the environment by combining present-day observations of volcanism and environmental changes with information from past eruptions preserved in the geologic record. The book discusses the origins, features and timing of volumetrically large volcanic eruptions; methods for assessing gas and tephra release in the modern day and the palaeo-record; and the impacts of volcanic gases and aerosols on the environment, from ozone depletion to mass extinctions. The significant advances that have been made in recent years in quantifying and understanding the impacts of present and past volcanic eruptions are presented and review chapters are included, making this a valuable book for academic researchers and graduate students in volcanology, climate science, palaeontology, atmospheric chemistry, and igneous petrology. 
650 0 |a Volcanism  |x Environmental aspects. 
650 0 |a Global environmental change. 
650 0 |a Paleogeography. 
650 0 |a Paleoclimatology. 
700 1 |a Schmidt, Anja,  |e editor 
700 1 |a Fristad, Kirsten,  |e editor 
700 1 |a Elkins-Tanton, Linda T.,  |e editor 
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