An introduction to clinical emergency medicine [E-Book] / [edited by] Swaminatha V. Mahadevan, Gus M. Garmel.
Mahadevan, Swaminatha V., (editor)
Garmel, Gus. M., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2005
1 online resource (xix, 798 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Principles of emergency medicine. Approach to the emergency patient / Gus M. Garmel. Airway management / S.V. Mahadevan and Shannon Sovndal. Cardiopulmonary and cerebral resuscitation / Robert R. Leschke. Cardiac dysrhythmias / S.V. Gurudevan. Shock / Robert J. Sigillito and Peter M.C. DeBlieux. Traumatic injuries / David E. Manthey. Prehospital care and emergency medical services / Paul D. Biddinger and Stephen H. Thomas. Pain management / Eustacia (Jo) Su
  • Primary complaints. Abdominal pain / S.V. Mahadevan. Abnormal behavior / Tim Meyers and Gus M. Garmel. Allergic reactions and anaphylactic syndromes / Steven Go. Altered mental status / Barry Simon and Flavia Nobay. Chest pain / Jeffrey A. Tabas and Susan B. Promes. Constipation / Victoria Brazil. Crying and irritability / Lee W. Shockley. Diabetes-related emergencies / Christopher R.H. Newton. Diarrhea / Rawle A. Seupaul. Dizziness and vertigo / Andrew K. Chang. Ear pain, nosebleed, and throat pain. Extremity trauma / Dan Garza and Gregory W. Hendy. Eye pain, redness and visual loss / Janet G. Alteveer. Fever in adults / Tamas R. Peredy and Gus M. Garmel. Fever in children / Lynne McCullough and Eric Savitsky. Gastrointestinal bleeding / J. Scott Taylor. Headache / Gino A. Farina and Kumar Alagappan. Hypertensive urgencies and emergencies / Loretta Jackson-Williams and Robert Galli. Joint pain / Douglas W. Lowery and Melissa J. Lamberson. Low back pain / Mel Herbert and Mary Lanctot-Herbert. Pelvic pain / Peter G. Kumasaka. Rash / Jamie Collings and Brigham Temple. Scrotal pain / Jonathan E. Davis. Seizures / Stephen R. Hayden. Shortness of breath in adults / Sharon E. Mace. Shortness of breath in children / Lance Brown and Steven M. Green. Syncope / Amal Mattu. Toxicologic emergencies / Steven A. McLaughlin. Urinary-related complaints / Fred A. Severyn. Vaginal bleeding / Pamela L. Dyne and Rita Oregon. Vomiting / Jennifer A. Oman. Weakness / R. Jason Thurman and Kristy Self Reynolds
  • Unique issues in emergency medicine. Child abuse, elder abuse, intimate partner violence / Carolyn J. Sachs. Environmental emergencies. Ethics and end-of-life issues / Michael A. Gisondi. Legal aspects of emergency care / Gregory Guldner and Amy Leinen. Occupational exposures in the emergency department / Stephen J. Playe and Cemel M. Erdem
  • Appenices. Common emergency procedures / George Sternbach. Wound preparation / Michelle Lin. Laceration repair / F.C. von Trampe and Wendy C. Coates. Procedural sedation and analgesia / Eustacia (Jo) Su and Robert L. Cloutier. Focused assessment with sonography in trauma / Rita A. Sweeney and Diku Mandavia. Interpretation of emergency laboratories / J. Michael Ballester.