Perspectives in ecological theory and integrated pest management [E-Book] / edited by Marcos Kogan and Paul Jepson.
Kogan, M., (editor)
Jepson, Paul C., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2007
1 online resource (xvii, 570 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Ecology, sustainable development, and IPM: the human factor / M. Kogan and P. Jepson
  • From simple IPM to the management of agroecosystems / R. Levins
  • Populations, metapopulations: elementary units of IPM systems / L. Winder and I.P. Woiwod
  • Arthropod pest behavior and IPM / R.J. Prokopy and B.D. Roitberg
  • Using pheromones to disrupt mating of moth pests / R.T. Cardé
  • Nutritional ecology of plant feeding arthropods and IPM / A.R. Panizzi
  • Conservation, biodiversity, and integrated pest management / S.D. Wratten [and others]
  • Ecological risks of biological control agents: impacts on IPM / H.M.T. Hokkanen, J.C. van Lenteren and I. Menzler-Hokkanen
  • Ecology of natural enemies and genetically engineered host plants / G.G. Kennedy and F. Gould
  • Modeling the dynamics of tritrophic population interactions / A.P. Gutierrez and J. Baumgärtner
  • Weed ecology, habitat management, and IPM / R.F. Norris
  • The ecology of vertebrate pests and integrated pest management (IPM) / G. Witmer
  • Ecosystems: concepts, analyses, and practical implications in IPM / T.D. Schowalter
  • Agroecology: contributions towards a renewed ecological foundation for pest management / C.I. Nicholls and M.A. Altieri
  • Applications of molecular ecology to IPM: what impact? / P.J. De Barro, O.R. Edwards and P. Sunnucks
  • Ecotoxicology: the ecology of interactions between pesticides and non-target organisms / P.C. Jepson.