Evolution of the rodents : advances in phylogeny, functional morphology, and development [E-Book] / edited by Philip G. Cox and Lionel Hautier.
Cox, Philip G., (editor)
Hautier, Lionel, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2015
1 online resource (xiv, 611 pages)
Cambridge studies in morphology and molecules : new paradigms in evolutionary biology
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Table of Contents:
  • List of contributors
  • Foreword / Jean-Louis Hartenberger and W. Patrick Luckett
  • 1. Rodentia : a model order? / Lionel Hautier and Philip G. Cox
  • 2. A synopsis of rodent molecular phylogenetics, systematics and biogeography / Pierre-Henri Fabre, Lionel Hautier and Emmanuel J.P. Douzery
  • 3. Emerging perspectives on some Paleocene sciurognaths rodents in Laurasia : the fossil record and its interpretation / Mary R. Dawson
  • 4. Phylogeny and evolutionary history of hystricognathous rodents from the Old World during the Tertiary : new insights into the emergence of modern "phiomorph" families / Franck Barbière and Laurent Marivaux
  • 5. The history of South American octodontoid rodents and its contribution to evolutionary generalisations / Diego H. Verzi, Cecilia C. Morgan and A. Itatí Olivares
  • 6. History, taxonomy and palaeobiology of giant fossil rodents (Hystricognathi, Dinomyidae) / Andrés Rinderknecht and R. Ernesto Blanco
  • 7. Advances in integrative taxonomy and the evolution of African murid rodents : how morphological trees hide the molecular forest / Christiane Denys and Alisa Winkler
  • 8. Themes and variation in sciurid evolution / V. Louise Roth and John M. Mercer
  • 9. Marmot evolution and global change in the past 10 million years / P. David Polly, Andrea Cardini, Edward B. Davis and Scott J. Steppan
  • 10. Grades and clades among rodents : the promise of geometric morphometrics / Lionel Hautier, Philip G. Cox and Renaud Lebrun
  • 11. Biogeographic variations in wood mice : testing for the role of morphological variation as a line of least resistance to evolution / Sabrina Renaud, Jean-Pierre Quéré and Johan R. Michaux
  • 12. The oral apparatus of rodents : variations on the theme of a gnawing machine / Robert E. Druzinsky
  • 13. The muscles of mastication in rodents and the function of the medial pterygoid / Philip G. Cox and Nathan Jeffery
  • 14. Functional morphology of rodent middle ears / Matthew J. Mason
  • 15. Variations and anomalies in rodent teeth and their importance for testing computational models of development / Cyril Charles and Laurent Viriot
  • 16. The great variety of dental structures and dynamics in rodents : new insights into their ecological diversity / Helder Gomes Rodrigues
  • 17. Convergent evolution of molar morphology in Muroidea (Rodentia, Mammalia) : connections between chewing movements and crown morphology / Vincent Lazzari, Franck Guy, Pierre-Emmanuel Salais, Adélaïde Euriat, Cyril Charles, Laurent Viriot, Paul Tafforeau and Jacques Michaux
  • 18. Developmental mechanisms in the evolution of phenotypic traits in rodent teeth / Elodie Renvoisé and Sophie Montuire
  • 19. Diversity and evolution of femoral variation in Ctenohystrica / Laura A.B. Wilson and Madeleine Geiger
  • 20. Morphological disparity of the postcranial skeleton in rodents and its implications for palaeobiological inferences : the case of the extinct Theriodomyidae (Rodentia, Mammalia) / Monique Vianey-Liaud, Lionel Hautier and Laurent Marivaux
  • Index
  • Colour plate section between pages 466 and 467.