Lightning Conductors and Lightning Guards : A Treatise on the Protection of Buildings, of Telegraph Instruments and Submarine Cables, and of Electrical Installations Generally, from Damage by Atmospheric Discharges [E-Book] / Oliver Lodge.
Lodge, Oliver, (author)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 1892
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As a result of being asked to give public lectures on the subject, the eminent physicist Oliver Lodge (1851-1940) published in 1892 a pioneering study of the protection of buildings, cables and telegraphic instruments from the devastation caused by lightning strikes. This work led him almost immediately to the discovery of electromagnetic wave transmission and ultimately to the development of a version of radio telegraphy. Lodge also saw that many of the current theories about the nature of lightning were seriously in error, and his investigations led to a number of significant changes in the design of lightning conductors and lightning guards. Some of the methods and procedures that Lodge advocated have since become standard practice. They are described with Lodge's characteristic flair and accompanied by a wealth of illustrations that give a fascinating insight into how contemporary scientists and engineers tackled this significant problem.