The balance of nature and human impact [E-Book] / edited by Klaus Rohde, University of New England, Armidale, Australia.
Rohde, Klaus, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2013
1 online resource (xvi, 413 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Nonequilibrium and equilibrium in populations and metapopulations. Reef fishes / Graham Forrester
  • Population dynamics of ectoparasites of terrestrial hosts / Boris Krasnov
  • Metapopulation dynamics in marine parasites / Ana Perez del Omo
  • Nonequilbrium and equilibrium in communities. The paradox of the plankton / Klaus Rohde
  • A burning issue:community stability and alternative stable states in relation to fire / Peter J. Clarke
  • Community stability and instability in ectoparasites of marine and freshwater fish / Andrea Simkova
  • Ectoparasites of small mammals / Boris Krasnov
  • A macroecological approach to the equilibrial vs. nonequilibrial debate using bird populations and communities / Brian McGill
  • Equilibrium and nonequilibrium on geographical scales. Island flora and fauna / Lloyd Morrisn
  • The turbulent past and future of arctic plants / Christian Brochmann
  • Latitudinal gradients. Latitudinal diversity gradients / Klaus Rohde
  • Effective evolutionary time and the latitudinal diversity gradient / Len Gillman
  • Effects due to invading species, habitat loss and climate change. The physics of climate / Michael Box
  • Episodic processes, invasion and faunal mosaics in evolutionary and ecological time / Eric Hoberg
  • The emerging infectious diseases crisis and pathogen pollution / Daniel R. Brooks
  • Establishment or vanishing:fate of an invasive species based on mathematical models / Yihong Du
  • Anthropogenic footprints on biodiversity / Camilo Mora
  • Worldwide decline and extinction of amphibians / Harold Heatwole
  • Climatic change and reptiles / Harvey B. Lillywhite
  • Equilibrium and non-equilibrium in Australian bird communities / Hugh Ford
  • Population dynamics of insects / Nigel Andrew.
  • The futures of coral reefs / Peter Sale
  • Autecological studies. Autecology and the balance of nature / Gimme Walter
  • The intricacy of structural and ecological adaptations / Klaus Rohde
  • An overall view. The importance of interspecific competition in regulating communities, equilibrium vs. nonequilibrium / Klaus Rohde
  • Evolutionarily stable strategies / Klaus Rohde
  • How to conserve biodiversity in a nonequilibrium world / Klaus Rohde.