Evolving pathways : key themes in evolutionary developmental biology [E-Book] / edited by Alessandro Minelli, Giuseppe Fusco.
Fusco, Giuseppe, (editor)
Minelli, Alessandro, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2008
1 online resource (xviii, 426 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction: pathways of change
  • Part I. Thinking about Evolution by Taking Development Seriously
  • Evo-devo as a discipline / Gerd B. Müller
  • Making evolutionary predictions about the structure of development and morphology: beyond the neo-Darwinian and constraints paradigms / Isaac Salazar-Ciudad
  • Conflicting hypotheses on the nature of mega-evolution / Wallace Arthur
  • Prospects of evo-devo for linking pattern and process in the evolution of morphospace / Paul M. Brakefield
  • The molecular biology underlying developmental evolution / Claudio R. Alonso
  • Evo-devo's identity: from model organisms to developmental types / Ronald A. Jenner
  • Part II. Evo-Devo
  • Materials and Methods
  • A pragmatic approach for selecting evo-devo model species in amniotes / Athanasia Tzika and Michel C. Milinkovitch
  • On comparisons and causes in evolutionary developmental biology / Gerhard Scholtz
  • Evolution and development: towards a synthesis of macro- and micro-evolution with ecology / Hans Zauner and Ralf J. Sommer
  • When is a hox gene not a hox gene? The importance of gene nomenclature / David E.K. Ferrier
  • Plants are used to having identity crises / Rolf Rutishauser, Valentin Grob and Evelin Pfeifer.
  • Part III. Evolving Diversity
  • Unravelling body plan and axial evolution in the bilateria with molecular phylogenetic markers / Jaume Baguñà, Pere Martinez, Jordi Paps and Marta Riutort
  • Are transposition events at the origin of the bilaterian hox complexes? / Jean S. Deutsch and Philippe Lopez
  • Many roads lead to Rome: different ways to construct a nematode / Einhard Schierenberg and Jens Schulze
  • Basal euarthropod development: a fossil-based perspective / Nigel C. Hughes, Joachim Haug and Dieter Waloszek
  • Developmental transitions during the evolution of plant form / Jane A. Langdale and C. Jill Harrison; Part IV. Evolving Body Features
  • Urbisexuality: the evolution of bilaterian germ cell specification and reproductive systems / Cassandra G.M. Extavour
  • Thoughts and speculations on the ancestral arthropod segmentation pathway / Ariel D. Chipman
  • Evolution of neurogenesis in arthropods / Angelika Stollewerk
  • Arthropod appendages: a prime example for the evolution of morphological diversity and innovation / Nikola-Michael Prpic and Wim G.M. Damen
  • Ontogeny of the spiralian brain / Claus Nielsen.