Protective measurement and quantum reality : toward a new understanding of quantum mechanics [E-Book] / edited by Shan Gao, Chinese Academy of Science.
Gao, Shan, (editor,)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2014
1 online resource (xv, 233 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Protective measurements : an introduction / Shan Gao
  • Protective measurements of the wave function of a single system / Lev Vaidman
  • Protective measurement, postseletion and the Heisenberg representation / Yakir Aharonov and Eliahu Cohen
  • Protective and state measurement : a review / Gennaro Auletta
  • Determination of the stationary basis from protective measurement on a single system / Lajos Diósi
  • Weak measurements, the energy-momentum tensor and the Bohm approach / Robert Flack and Basil J. Hiley
  • Measurement and metaphysics / Peter J. Lewis
  • Protective measurements and the explanatory gambit / Michael Dickson
  • Realism and instrumentalism about the wave function : how should we choose? / Mauro Dorato and Federico Laudisa
  • Protective measurements and the PBR theorem / Guy Hetzroni and Daniel Rohrlich
  • The roads not taken : empty waves, wavefunction collapse and protective measurement in quantum theory / Peter Holland
  • Implications of protective measurements on De Broglie-Bohm trajectories / Aurelien Drezet
  • Entanglement, scaling, and the meaning of the wave function in protective measurement Maximilian Schlosshauer and Tangereen / V.B. Claringbold
  • Protective measurements and the nature of the wave function within the primitive ontology approach / Vincent Lam
  • Reality and meaning of the wave function / Shan Gao.