Savannas, barrens, and rock outcrop plant communities of North America [E-Book] / edited by Roger C. Anderson, James S. Fralish, Jerry M. Baskin.
Anderson, Roger C., (editor)
Fralish, James S., (editor) / Baskin, Jerry M., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1999
1 online resource (ix, 470 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Ecology and conservation of Florida scrub /
  • Eric S. Menges
  • Southeastern pine savannas /
  • William J. Platt
  • New Jersey pine plains : the "true barrens" of the New Jersey Pine Barrens /
  • David J. Gibson, Robert A. Zampella, and Andrew G. Windisch
  • Vegetation, flora, and plant physiological ecology of serpentine barrens of eastern North America /
  • R. Wayne Tyndall and James C. Hull
  • The Mid-Appalachian shale barrens /
  • Suzanne H. Braunschweig, Erik T. Nilsen, and Thomas F. Wieboldt
  • Granite outcrops of the southeastern United States /
  • Donald J. Shure
  • High-elevation outcrops and barrens of the southern Appalachian Mountains /
  • Susan K. Wiser and Peter S. White
  • Dry soil oak savanna in the Great Lakes region /
  • Susan Will-Wolf and Forest Stearns
  • Deep-soil savannas and barrens of the midwestern United States /
  • Roger C. Anderson and Marlin L. Bowles
  • Open woodland communities of southern Illinois, western Kentucky, and middle Tennessee /
  • James S. Fralish, Scott B. Franklin, and David D. Close
  • The Big Barrens Region of Kentucky and Tennessee /
  • Jerry M. Baskin, Carol C. Baskin, and Edward W. Chester
  • Cedar glades of the southeastern United States /
  • Jerry M. Baskin and Carol C. Baskin
  • Savanna, barrens, and glade communities of the Ozark Plateaus Province /
  • Alice Long Heikens
  • The cross timbers /
  • B.W. Hoagland [and others]
  • Ponderosa and limber pine woodlands /
  • Dennis H. Knight
  • The sand shinnery oak (Quercus havardii) communities of the Llano Estacado : history, structure, ecology, and restoration /
  • Shivcharn S. Dhillion and Michele H. Mills
  • Oak savanna in the American Southwest /
  • Mitchel P. McClaran and Guy R. McPherson
  • Juniper-piñon savannas and woodlands of western North America /
  • Neil E. West
  • Serpentine barrens of western North America /
  • A.R. Kruckeberg
  • California oak savanna /
  • Barbara Allen-Diaz, James W. Bartolome, and Mitchel P. McClaran
  • Jack pine barrens of the northern Great Lakes region /
  • Kurt S. Pregitzer and Sari C. Saunders
  • The cliff ecosystem of the Niagara Escarpment /
  • D.W. Larson, U. Matthes-Sears, and P.E. Kelly
  • Alvars of the Great Lakes region ;
  • The flora and ecology of southern Ontario granite barrens /
  • Paul M. Catling and Vivian R. Brownell
  • The aspen parkland of Canada /
  • O.W. Archibold
  • Subarctic lichen woodlands /
  • E.A. Johnson and K. Miyanishi.