Probability and random variables : a beginner's guide [E-Book] / David Stirzaker.
Stirzaker, David, (author)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1999
1 online resource (xii, 368 pages)
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This is a simple and concise introduction to probability theory. Self-contained and readily accessible, it is written in an informal tutorial style with concepts and techniques defined and developed as necessary. After an elementary discussion of chance, the central and crucial rules and ideas of probability including independence and conditioning are set out. Examples, demonstrations, and exercises are used throughout to explore the ways in which probability is motivated by, and applied to, real life problems in science, medicine, gaming and other subjects of interest. This book is suitable for students taking introductory courses in probability and will provide a solid foundation for more advanced courses in probability and statistics. It would also be a valuable reference to those needing a working knowledge of probability theory and will appeal to anyone interested in this endlessly fascinating and entertaining subject.