Genetics, demography, and viability of fragmented populations [E-Book] / edited by Andrew G. Young and Geoffrey M. Clarke.
Young, Andrew G., (editor)
Clarke, Geoffrey M., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2000
1 online resource (xviii, 438 pages)
Conservation biology ; 4
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction,
  • Genetics, demography and the conservation of fragmented populations /
  • Geoffrey M. Clarke & Andrew G. Young
  • Managing and monitoring genetic erosion /
  • William B. Sherwin & Craig Moritz
  • Inbreeding and outbreeding depression in fragmented populations /
  • Michele R. Dudash & Charles B. Fenster
  • Demography and extinction in small populations /
  • Kent E. Holsinger
  • Metapopulation paradigm : a fragmented view of conservation biology /
  • Peter H. Thrall, Jeremy J. Burdon & Brad R. Murray
  • Population viability analysis for conservation : the good, the bad and the undescribed /
  • Mark Burgman & Hugh Possingham
  • Applications of population genetics and molecular techniques to conservation biology /
  • Philip W. Hedrick.
  • Limited forest fragmentation improves reproduction in the declining New Zealand mistletoe Peraxilla tetrapetala (Loranthaceae) /
  • Dave Kelley [and others]
  • Ecology and genetics of Grevillea (Proteaceae) : implications for conservation of fragmented populations /
  • Robert J. Whelan [and others]
  • Genetic and demographic influences on population persistence : gene flow and genetic rescue in Silene alba /
  • Christopher M. Richards
  • Fragmentation in Central American dry forests : genetic impacts on Swietenia humilis (Meliaceae) /
  • Gemma M. White & David H. Boshier
  • Population viability analysis of the rare Gentiana pneumonanthe : the importance of genetics, demography and reproductive biology /
  • J. Gerard B. Oostermeijer
  • Genetic erosion, restricted mating and reduced viability in fragmented populations of the endangered grassland herp Rutidosis leptorrhynchoides /
  • Andrew G. Young [and others]
  • Conclusions and future directions : what do we know about the genetic and demographic effects of habitat fragmentation and where do we go from here? /
  • Andrew G. Young & Geoffrey M. Clarke.
  • Inbreeding in small populations of red-cockaded woodpeckers : insights from a spatially explicit individual-based model /
  • Susan J. Daniels, Jefferey A. Priddy & Jeffrey R. Walters
  • Genetic erosion in isolated small-mammal populations following rainforest fragmentation /
  • Sukamol Srikwan & David S. Woodruff
  • Tumut experiment
  • integrating demographic and genetic studies to unravel fragmentation effects : a case study of the native bush rat /
  • David Lindenmayer & Rod Peakall
  • Demographic evidence of inbreeding depression in wild golden lion tamarins /
  • James M. Dietz, Andrew J. Baker & Jonathan D. Ballou
  • Inferring demography from genetics : a case study of the endangered golden sun month, Synemon plana /
  • Geoffrey M. Clarke
  • Genetic population structure in desert bighorn sheep : implications for conservation in Arizona /
  • Gustavo A. Gutiérrez-Espeleta, Steven T. Kalinowski & Philip W. Hedrick.