Causes and consequences of human migration : an evolutionary perspective [E-Book] / [edited by] Michael H. Crawford, University of Kansas, Benjamin C. Campbell, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.
Crawford, Michael H., (editor)
Campbell, Benjamin C., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012
1 online resource (xv, 550 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • 1. Perspectives on human migration: introduction / Benjamin C. Campbell and Michael H. Crawford
  • 2. Genetic evidence concerning the origins and dispersals of modern humans / Mark Stoneking
  • 3. The biology of human migration: the ape that won't commit? / Jonathon C.K. Wells and Jay T. Stock
  • 4. Evolutionary basis of human migration / Benjamin C. Campbell and Lindsay Barone
  • 5. Evolutionary consequences of human migration: genetic, historic and archaeological perspectives in the Caribbean and Aleutian Islands / Michael H. Crawford and Dixie
  • 6. Kin-structured migration and colonization / Alan G. Fix
  • 7. The role of diet and epigenetics in migration: molecular mechanisms underlying the consequences of change / M.J. Mosher
  • 8. Population structure and migration in Africa: correlations between archaeological, linguistic, and genetic data / J.B. Hirbo, A. Ranciaro and S.A. Tishkoff
  • 9. Human migrations in North Africa / Philippe Lefèvre-Witier
  • 10. Identity, voice, community: new African immigrants to Kansas / John M. Janzen
  • 11. The African colonial migration into Mexico: history and biological consequences / Rodrigo Barquera and Víctor Acuña-Alonzo
  • 12. Demic expansion or cultural diffusion: migration and Basque origins /Kristen L. Young, Eric J. Devor and Michael H. Crawford
  • 13. Consequences of migration among the Roma: immunoglobulin markers as a tool in investigating population relationships / Moses S. Schanfield, Raquel A. Lazarin and Eric Sunderland
  • 14. Migration, assimilation and admixture: genes of a Scot? / K.G. Beaty
  • 15. Mennonite migrations: genetic and demographic consequences / Phillip E. Melton
  • 16. Human migratory history: through the looking glass of genetic geography of Mycobacterium tuberculosis / Igor Mokrousov
  • 17. Peopling the Tibetan plateau: migrants, genes, and genetic adaptations / Mark Aldenderfer
  • 18. Migration, globalization, instability and Chinese in Peru / Felix Moos
  • 19. The great blue highway: human migration in the Pacific / Elizabeth Matisoo-Smith
  • 20. Migration of pre-Hispanic and contemporary human Mexican populations / María de Lourdes Muñoz, Eduardo Ramos, Alvaro Díaz-Badillo, María Concepción Morales-Gómez, Rocío Gómez, Gerardo Pérez-Ramirez
  • 21. A review of the Tupi expansion in the Amazon / Lilian Rebellato and William I. Woods
  • 22. Molecular consequences of migration and urbanization in the Peruvian Amazonia / Anne Justice, Bartholomew Dean and Michael H. Crawford
  • 23. Migration in Afro-Brazilian rural communities: crossing historical, demographic, and genetic data / Carlos Eduardo Guerra Amorim, Carolina Carvalho Gontijo and Silviene Fabiana de Oliveira
  • 24. Indentured migration, gene flow and the formation of the Indo-Costa Rican population / Lorena Madrigal, Monica Batistapau, Loredana Castrì, Flory Otárola, Mwenza Blell, Ernesto Ruiz, Ramiro Barrantes, Donata Luiselli and Davide Pettener
  • 25. Causes and consequences of migration to the Caribbean islands and Central America: an evolutionary success story / Christine Phillips-Krawczak
  • 26. Why do we migrate?: a retrospective / Dennis H. O'Rourke.