Patterns of growth and development in the genus Homo [E-Book] / edited by J.L. Thompson, G.E. Krovitz, A.J. Nelson.
Thompson, J. L., (editor)
Krovitz, Gail E., (editor) / Nelson, Andrew John, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2003
1 online resource (xiv, 455 pages)
Cambridge studies in biological and evolutionary anthropology ; 37
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction /
  • G.E. Krovitz, A.J. Nelson, J.L. Thompson
  • The human pattern of growth and development in paleontological perspective /
  • B. Bogin
  • Postnatal ontogeny of facial position in Homo sapiens and Pan troglodytes /
  • B. McBratney-Owen, D.E. Lieberman
  • Variation in modern human dental development /
  • H. Liversidge
  • Developmental variation in the facial skeleton of anatomically modern Homo sapiens /
  • U. Strand Vidarsdottir, P. O'Higgins
  • Linear growth variation in the archaeological record /
  • L.T. Humphrey
  • Hominid growth and development: The modern context /
  • J.L. Thompson, A.J. Nelson, G.E. Krovitz
  • Reconstructing australopithecine growth and development: What do we think we know? /
  • K.L. Kuykendall
  • Growth and life history in Homo erectus /
  • S.C. Anton, S.R. Leigh
  • Patterns of dental development in Lower and Middle Pleistocene hominins from Atapuerca (Spain) /
  • J.M. Bermudez De Castro, F. Ramirez Rozzi, M. Martinon-Torres, S. Sarmiento Perez, A. Rosas
  • Hominid growth and development from australopithecines to Middle Pleistopcene Homo /
  • G.E. Krovitz, J.L. Thompson, A.J. Nelson
  • Diagnosing heterochronic perturbations in the craniofacial evolution of Homo (Neandertals and modern humans) and Pan (P. troglodytes and P. paniscus) /
  • F.L. Williams, L.R. Godfrey, M.R. Sutherland
  • Shape and growth differences between Neandertals and modern humans: Grounds for a species-level distinction? /
  • G.E. Krovitz.