Case studies in neurological infections of adults and children [E-Book] / edited by Tom Solomon, Benedict D. Michael, Alastair Miller, Rachel Kneen.
Solomon, Tom, (editor)
Michael, Benedict D., (editor) / Miller, Alastair, (editor) / Kneen, Rachel, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2019
1 online resource (xi, 308 pages)
Cambridge medicine
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Table of Contents:
  • Machine generated contents note: List of contributors; Preface; 1. Occam's razor through the neuroaxis Benedict Michael; 2. Between the head and the heart Theresa Cole; 3. Thinking laterally Baba Aji; 4. No laughing matter Besa Ziso; 5. Unusual cause for an expanding head circumference in a neonate Hema Bentur and Rachel Kneen; 6. No hard feelings David Bargiela; 7. The masquerader Laura A. Benjamin; 8. An old enemy Michael Bonello and Tom Solomon; 9. A Vietnamese child who is floppy and falling Hannah E. Brindle and Benedict Michael; 10. Disseminated in time and space Ales Cheadle; 11. Double trouble Michael Bonello; 12. Hiking into danger Ales Cheadle; 13. A runny nose, running into trouble Theresa Cole; 14. An undulating fever Derek J. Sloane and Nicholas J. Beeching; 15. Headache and fever after a safari Hannah E. Brindle and Tom Solomon; 16. Sent home with a pain in the ear Liene Elsone, Mona Ghadri-Sani and Tom Solomon; 17. Relapsing infection and a spelling bug Suresh Kumar Chhetri, Claire Gall and Hedley C. A. Emsley; 18. Scratching the surface Sylviane Defres; 19. Cloudy with a chance of cytokine storms Anu Goenke and Rachel Kneen; 20. Ter-wit-ter-woo! Sylviane Defres; 21. Same family, different genus, new problem? Michael Grosdenier and Rachel Kneen; 22. The great pretender Richard J. B. Ellis; 23. Word salad Sylviane Defres; 24. A mildly unwell mother delivers a very unwell baby Anu Goenke and Rachel Kneen; 25. A creeping weakness Liene Elsone and Mona Ghadri-Sani; 26. Preventable cause of peripheral neuropathy Anand Iyer and Rachel Kneen; 27. It's in the genes Mona Ghadiri-Sani and Sylviane Defres; 28. Sutton's law Sylviane Defres; 29. 'No milk for me please' Michael Grosdenier; 30. More than mononucleosis: a familial or reactive risk? Karolina Griffiths, Lynsey C. Goodwin and Alastair Miller; 31. Return of an old foe Syed Hyder; 32. The lethal masquerader Anand Iyer; 33. Bitten in the Hampshires Heli Halvala and Tom Solomon; 34. Is it all to do with his glands doctor? Rachel Kneen; 35. A recurring pain in the neck Fiona McGill; 36. A new case of history repeating itself? Anand Iyer and Rachel Kneen; 37. Feeling a little light-headed Fiona McGill; 38. A rare cause of coma that could run in the family Jennifer Lemon, Anu Goenke and Rachel Kneen; 39. A travelling salesman, slowing down Sam Nightingale; 40. A nasty, rare, and ironic unwanted effect Hema Bentur and Rachel Kneen; 41. A rash diagnosis Fiona McGill; 42. Seizure in a seasoned traveller Alastair Miller; 43. Stiff and stuporous Stephen Ray and Rachel Kneen; 44. Just unlucky or is some detective work needed? Rachel Kneen and Jennifer Lemon; 45. A case of missing the point Benedict Michael; 46. Have I got a monster in my body? Jennifer Lemon and Rachel Kneen; 47. Not quite so reserved anymore Sam Nightingale; 48. Thought we had seen the last of this? Jennifer Lemon and Rachel Kneen; 49. Sick as a swine Sophie Miller, Benedict Michael and Tom Solomon; 50. A tic in the (voice) box Katie Rose and Rachel Kneen; 51. A forgotten itch Graham A. Powell; 52. Brain on fire Jay Panicker and Charlotte F. Dougan; 53. Fitting and febrile - getting complicated Stephen Ray and Rachel Kneen; 54. A pain in the leg Tom Solomon; 55. A wobbly toddler Katie Rose and Rachel Kneen; 56. Popping problems Derek J. Sloane and Nicholas J. Beeching; 57. A bad headache and an awkward eye Scott Williams, Tom Solomon and Laura A. Benjamin; 58. Drowsy with difficulty swallowing Tom Solomon; 59. Two types of shaking Lance Turtle; 60. Diagnosing a headache: follow your gut feeling Katherine C. Dodd; 61. Floppy and falling when back home Lance Turtle and Rachel Kneen.