Liquid cell electron microscopy [E-Book] / [edited by] Frances M. Ross.
Ross, Frances M., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2017
1 online resource (xviii, 509 pages)
Advances in microscopy and microanalysis
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Table of Contents:
  • Past, present and future electron microscopy of liquid specimens / Niels de Jonge and Frances M. Ross
  • Encapsulated liquid cells for transmission electron microscopy / Eric Jensen and Kristian Mølhave
  • Imaging liquid processes using open cells in the tem, sem, and beyond / Chongmin Wang
  • Membrane based environmental cells for sem in liquids / Andrei Kolmakov
  • Observations in liquids using an inverted SEM / Chikara Sato and Mitsuo Suga
  • Temperature control in liquid cells for TEM / Shen J. Dillon and Xin Chen
  • Electron beam effects in liquid cell TEM and STEM / Nicholas M. Schneider
  • Resolution in liquid cell experiments / Niels de Jonge, Nigel Browning, James E. Evans, See Wee Chee and Frances M. Ross
  • Nanostructure growth, interactions and assembly in the liquid phase / Hong-Gang Liao, Kai-Yang Niu and Haimei Zheng
  • Quantifying electrochemical processes using liquid cell TEM / Frances M. Ross
  • Application of electrochemical liquid cells for electrical energy storage and conversion studies / Raymond R. Unocic and Karren L. More
  • Applications of liquid cell TEM in corrosion science / See Wee Chee and M. Grace Burke
  • Nanoscale water imaged by liquid cell TEM / Utkur Mirsaidov and Paul Matsudaira
  • Nanoscale deposition and etching of materials using focused electron beams and liquid reactants / Eugenii U. Donev, Matthew Bresin and J. Todd Hastings
  • Liquid cell TEM for studying environmental and biological mineral systems / Michael H. Nielsen and James J. De Yoreo
  • Liquid STEM for studying biological function in whole cells / Diana B. Peckys and Niels de Jonge
  • Visualizing macromolecules in liquid at the nanoscale / Andrew C. Demmert, Madeline J. Dukes, Elliot Pohlmann, Kaya Patel, A. Cameron Varano, Zhi Sheng, Sarah M. McDonald, Michael Spillman, Utkur Mirsaidov, Paul Matsudaira, and Deborah F. Kelly
  • Application of liquid cell microscopy to study function of muscle proteins / Haruo Sugi, Shigeru Chaen, Tsuyoshi Akimoto, Masaru Tanokura, Takuya Miyakawa and Hiroki Minoda
  • High resolution imaging in the graphene liquid cell / Jungwon Park, Vivekananda P. Adiga, Alex Zettl, and A. Paul Alivisatos
  • Analytical electron microscopy during in situ liquid cell studies / Megan E. Holtz, David A. Muller, and Nestor J. Zaluzec
  • Spherical and chromatic aberration correction for atomic-resolution liquid cell electron microscopy / Rafal E. Dunin-Borkowski and Lothar Houben
  • The potential for imaging dynamic processes in liquids with high temporal resolution / Nigel D. Browning and James E. Evans
  • Future prospects for biomolecular, biomimetic and biomaterials research enabled by new liquid cell electron microscopy techniques / Taylor Woehl and Tanya Prozorov.