Why trust a theory? : epistemology of fundamental physics [E-Book] / edited by Radin Dardashti, Richard Dawid, Karim Thébault.
Dardashti, Radin, (editor)
Dawid, Richard, (editor) / Thébault, Karim, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2019
1 online resource (xi, 438 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction
  • Historical and conceptual background. Fundamental theories and epistemic shifts : can history of science serve as a guide?
  • Scientific speculation : a pragmatic approach
  • Assessing scientific theories
  • Philosophy of science and the string wars : a view from the outside
  • Theory assessment beyond empirical confirmation. The significance of non-empirical confirmation in fundamental physics
  • The dangers of non-empirical confirmation
  • No alternative to proliferation
  • Physics without experiments?
  • Scientific methodology : a view from early string theory
  • What can we learn from analogue experiments?
  • Are black holes about information?
  • Cosmology and testability. The limits of cosmology
  • The role of cosmology in modern physics
  • Theory confirmation and multiverses
  • Beyond falsifiability : normal science in a multiverse
  • Gaining access to the early universe
  • Prospects for confirmation in string theory. String theory to the rescue
  • Why trust a theory? Some further remarks
  • The dangerous irrelevance of string theory
  • String/M-theories about our world are testable in the traditional physics way
  • Is string phenomenology an oxymoron?