Spouted and spout-fluid beds : fundamentals and applications [E-Book] / edited by Norman Epstein, John R. Grace.
Epstein, Norman, (editor)
Grace, John R., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2011
1 online resource (xxi, 340 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Machine generated contents note: 1. Introduction N. Epstein and J. Grace; 2. Initiation of spouting X. Bi; 3. Empirical and analytical hydrodynamics N. Epstein; 4. Computational fluid dynamic modelling of spouted beds X. Bao, W. Du and J. Xu; 5. Conical spouted beds M. Olazar, J. Bilbao and M.J. San Jose; 6. Hydrodynamics of spout-fluid beds W. Zhong, B. Jin, M. Zhang and R. Xiao; 7. Spouted and spout-fluid beds with draft tubes M.H. Morgan, H. Littman, Z. Grbavcic and J.D. Paccione; 8. Particle segregation and mixing G. Rovero and N. Piccinini; 9. Heat and mass transfer A. Kmiec and S. Englart; 10. Powder-particle spouted beds T. Ishikura and H. Nagashima; 11. Drying of particulate solids M.L. Passos, E.F. Costa Jr and A.S. Mujumdar; 12. Drying of solutions, slurries and pastes J.T. Freire, M.C. Ferreira and F.B. Freire; 13. Granulation and particle coating S.C.S. Rocha and O.P. Taranto; 14. The Wurster process J. Seville, S. Palmer and A. Ingram; 15. Gasification and combustion A.P. Watkinson and A. Lisboa; 16. Spouted bed electrolytic reactors J.W. Evans and V. Jiricny; 17. Scale-up, slot-rectangular and multiple spouting J. Grace and C.J. Lim; 18. Mechanical spouting T. Szentmarjay, E. Pillai and Judit Toth; 19. Catalytic reactors and their modelling G. Rovero and N. Piccinini; 20. Liquid and liquid-gas spouting Z.B. Grbavcic, H. Littman and M.H. Morgan III; 21. Concluding chapter N. Epstein and J. Grace.