Theory of algebraic integers [E-Book] / Richard Dedekind ; translated and introduced by John Stillwell.
Dedekind, Richard, (author)
Stillwell, John, (translator,) / (writer of introduction)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1996
1 online resource (vii, 158 pages)
Cambridge mathematical library
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The invention of ideals by Dedekind in the 1870s was well ahead of its time, and proved to be the genesis of what today we would call algebraic number theory. His memoir 'Sur la Theorie des Nombres Entiers Algebriques' first appeared in instalments in the 'Bulletin des sciences mathematiques' in 1877. This is a translation of that work by John Stillwell, who also adds a detailed introduction that gives the historical background as well as outlining the mathematical obstructions that Dedekind was striving to overcome. Dedekind's memoir gives a candid account of his development of an elegant theory as well as providing blow-by-blow comments as he wrestled with the many difficulties encountered en route. A must for all number theorists.