Lévy statistics and laser cooling : how rare events bring atoms to rest [E-Book] / François Bardou [and others].
Bardou, François, (author)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2002
1 online resource (xiii, 199 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Laser cooling
  • Subrecoil laser cooling
  • Subrecoil cooling and Levy statistics
  • Subrecoil laser cooling and anomalous random walks
  • Standard laser cooling: friction forces and the recoil limit
  • Friction forces and cooling
  • The recoil limit
  • Laser cooling based on inhomogeneous random walks in momentum space
  • Physical mechanism
  • How to create an inhomogeneous random walk
  • Expected cooling properties
  • Quantum description of subrecoil laser cooling
  • Wave nature of atomic motion
  • Difficulties of the standard quantum treatment
  • Quantum jump description. The delay function
  • Simulation of the atomic momentum stochastic evolution
  • Generalization. Stochastic wave functions and random walks in Hilbert space
  • From quantum optics to classical random walks
  • Fictitious classical particle associated with the quantum random walk
  • Simplified jump rate
  • Trapping and recycling. Statistical properties
  • Trapping and recycling regions
  • Models of inhomogeneous random walks
  • Friction
  • Trapping region
  • Recycling region
  • Momentum jumps
  • Probability distribution of the trapping times
  • One-dimensional quadratic jump rate
  • Generalization to higher dimensions
  • Generalization to a non-quadratic jump rate
  • Probability distribution of the recycling times
  • Presentation of the problem: first return time in Brownian motion
  • The unconfined model in one dimension
  • The Doppler model in one dimension
  • The confined model: random walk with walls
  • Broad distributions and Levy statistics: a brief overview.