Biominerals and fossils through time [E-Book] / by Jean-Pierre Cuif, Yannicke Dauphin, and James E. Sorauf.
Cuif, Jean-Pierre, (author)
Dauphin, Yannicke, (author) / Sorauf, James E., (author)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2011
1 online resource (xi, 490 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • The concept of microstructural sequence exemplified by mollusc shells and coral skeletons : similarity of growth mode and skeletogenesis at the micrometer scale
  • Compositional data on mollusc shells and coral skeletons : mineral and organic components viewed from overall characteristics to localized measurements
  • Origin of microstructural diversity : facts and conjectures regarding the control of crystallization during skeletogenesis
  • Diversity of structural patterns and and growth modes in skeletal Ca-carbonate of some plants and animals : the contrast between architectural and microstructural diversity at the macroscale and similarities at the submicrometer scale
  • Connecting the layered growth and crystallization model to chemical and physiological approaches : ongoing conceptual changes in biocalcification
  • Microcrystalline and amorphous biominerals in bones, teeth and siliceous structures : data illustrating the nature of calcareous biocrystals
  • Collecting better data from the fossil record through the critical analysis of fossilized biominerals : case studies ranging from the interpretation of individual samples to the distribution of fossils through time.