Evolutionary biology and conservation of titis, sakis and uacaris [E-Book] / edited by Liza M. Veiga, Federal University of Pará and the Emílio Goeldi Museum, Belém, Brazil, Adrian A. Barnett, Instituto National de Pesquisas da Amazonas, Manaus, Brazil and Roehampton University, UK, Stephen F. Ferrari, Federal University of Sergipe, São Cristovão, Brazil, Marilyn A. Norconk, Kent State University, Kent, OH, USA.
Barnett, Adrian, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2013
1 online resource (xxv, 397 pages)
Cambridge studies in biological and evolutionary anthropology ; 65
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Table of Contents:
  • Pitheciidae and other platyrrhine seed predators / Richard F. Kay, D. Jeffrey Meldrum & Masanaru Takai
  • The misbegotten : long lineages, long branches and the interrelationships of Aotus, Callicebus and the saki-uacaris / Alfred L. Rosenberger & Marcelo F. Tejedor
  • A molecular phylogeography of the uacaris (Cacajao) / Wilsea M.B. Figueiredo-Ready [and six others]
  • Taxonomy and geographic distribution of the Pitheciidae / José de Sousa e Silva Júnior, Wilsea M.B. Figueiredo-Ready & Stephen F. Ferrari
  • Zoogeography, genetic variation and conservation of the Callicebus personatus group / Rodrigo C. Printes [and four others]
  • Morphological and ecological adaptations to seed predation : a primate-wide perspective / Marilyn A. Norconk, Brian W. Grafton & W. Scott McGraw
  • Pitheciines : use of time and space / Eleonore Z.F. Setz [and six others]
  • Functional morphology and positional behaviour in the Pitheciini / Lesa C. Davis & Suzanne E. Walker-Pacheco
  • Male cooperation in pitheciines : the reproductive costs and benefits to individuals of forming large multimale/multifemale groups / Paul A. Garber & Martin M. Kowalewski
  • Evolutionary ecology of the Pitheciinae : evidence for energetic equivalence or phylogenetically structured environmental variation? / Shawn M. Lehman
  • Competition between pitheciines and large Ara macaws, two specialist seed-eaters / Suzanne Palminteri [and three others]
  • On the distribution of pitheciine monkeys and Lecythidaceae trees in Amazonia / J. Márcio Ayres & Ghillean T. Prance
  • Why we know so little : the challenges of fieldwork on the pitheciids / Liliam Patricia Pinto [and ten others]
  • Ecology and behaviour of uacaris (genus Cacajao) / Adrian A. Barnett [and three others]
  • Annual variation in breeding success and changes in population density of Cacajao calvus ucayalii in the Lago Preto Conservation Concession, Peru / M. Bowler [and four others]
  • Cacajao ouakary in Brazil and Colombia : patterns, puzzles and predictions / Adrian A. Barnett [and four others]
  • Ecology and behaviour of titi monkeys (genus Callicebus) / Júlio César Bicca-Marques & Eckhard W. Heymann
  • Costs of foraging in the southern Bahian masked titi monkey (Callicebus melanochir) / Stefanie Heiduck
  • Insectivory and prey foraging techniques in Callicebus : a case study of Callicebus cupreus and a comparison to other pitheciids / Eckhard W. Heymann & Mirjam N. Nadjafzadeh
  • Seed eating by Callicebus lugens at Caparú Biological Station, on the lower Apaporis River, Colombian Amazonia / Erwin Palacios & Adriana Rodríguez
  • Callicebus in Manu National Park : territory, resources, scent marking and vocalizations / Patricia C. Wright
  • Ecology and behavior of bearded sakis (genus Chiropotes) / Liza M. Veiga & Stephen F. Ferrari
  • Feeding ecology of Uta Hick's bearded saki (Chiropotes utahickae) on a man-made island in southeastern Brazilian Amazonia : seasonal and longitudinal variation / Ricardo R. Santos, Tatiana M. Vieira & Stephen F. Ferrari
  • The behavioural ecology of northern bearded sakis (Chiropotes satanas chiropotes) living in forest fragments of central Brazilian Amazonia / Sarah A. Boyle [and three others]
  • Ecology and behaviour of saki monkeys (genus Pithecia) / Marilyn A. Norconk & Eleonore Z. Setz
  • Finding the balance : optimizing predator avoidance and food encounters through individual positioning in Pithecia pithecia during travel / E.P. Cunningham, A.L. Harrison-Levine & R.G. Norman
  • Testing models of social behaviour with regard to inter- and intra-troop interactions in free-ranging white-faced sakis / Cynthia L. Thompson & Marilyn A. Norconk
  • Comparative socioecology of sympatric, free-ranging white-faced and bearded saki monkeys in Suriname : preliminary data / L. Tremaine Gregory & Marilyn A. Norconk
  • Pair-mate relationships and parenting in equatorial saki monkeys (Pithecia aequatorialis) and red titi monkeys (Callicebus discolor) of Ecuador / Eduardo Fernandez-Duque, Anthony Di Fiore & Ana Gabriela de Luna
  • Vocal communication in Cacajao, Chiropotes and Pithecia : current knowledge and future directions / Bruno M. Bezerra [and three others]
  • The Guyana Shield : Venezuela and the Guyanas / Shawn M. Lehman [and four others]
  • Pitheciid conservation in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, and Paraguay / Leila Porter [and nine others]
  • Brazil / Stephen F. Ferrari [and five others]
  • Pitheciines in captivity : challenges and opportunities, past, present and future / Jennie Becker [and six others]
  • The challenge of living in fragments / Stephen F. Ferrari [and seven others]
  • Communities and uacaris : conservation initiatives in Brazil and Peru / Mark Bowler [and four others].