Methods of algebraic geometry. [E-Book] / by W.V.D. Hodge and D. Pedoe. Volume 2. Book 3, General theory of algebraic varieties in projective space. Book 4, Quadrics and Grassman Varieties
Hodge, W. V. D., (author)
Pedoe, Daniel, (author)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1994
1 online resource (ix, 394 pages)
Cambridge mathematical library
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This work provides a lucid and rigorous account of the foundations of modern algebraic geometry. The authors have confined themselves to fundamental concepts and geometrical methods, and do not give detailed developments of geometrical properties but geometrical meaning has been emphasised throughout. Volume 2 gives an account of the principal methods used in developing a theory of algebraic varieties in spaces of n dimensions. Applications of these methods are also given to some of the more important varieties which occur in projective geometry. The ground field is without characteristic. Since geometry over any field without characteristic conforms to the general pattern of geometry over the field of complex numbers, a sound algebraic basis for classical geometry is provided. The other two volumes of Hodge and Pedoe's classic work are also available. Together, these books give an insight into algebraic geometry that is unique and unsurpassed.