Naturalized bioethics : toward responsible knowing and practice [E-Book] / edited by Hilde Lindemann, Marian Verkerk, Margaret Urban Walker.
Lindemann, Hilde, (editor)
Verkerk, Marian, (editor) / Walker, Margaret Urban, (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2009
1 online resource (xiii, 275 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction: Groningen naturalism in bioethics / Margaret Urban Walker
  • Moral bodies: epistemologies of embodiment / Jackie Leach Scully
  • Choosing surgical birth: desire and the nature of bioethical advice / Raymond G. DeVries, Lisa Kane Low, and Elizabeth (Libby) Bogdan-Lovis
  • Holding on to Edmund: the relational work of identity / Hilde Lindemann
  • Caring, minimal autonomy, and the limits of liberalism / Agnieszka Jaworska
  • Narrative, complexity, and context: autonomy as an epistemic value / Naomi Scheman
  • Toward a naturalized narrative bioethics / Tod Chambers
  • Motivating health: empathy and the normative activity of coping / Jodi Halpern and Margaret Olivia Little
  • Economies of hope in a period of transition: parents in the time leading up to their child's liver transplantation / Mare Knibbe and Marian Verkerk
  • Consent as a grant of authority: a care ethics reading of informed consent / Joan C. Tronto
  • Professional loving care and the bearable heaviness of being / Annelies van Heijst
  • Ideal theory bioethics and the exclusion of people with severe cognitive disabilities / Eva Feder Kittay
  • Epilogue: naturalized bioethics in practice / Marian Verkerk and Hilde Lindemann.