Number theory in the spirit of Liouville [E-Book] / Kenneth S. Williams.
Williams, Kenneth S., (author)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2010
1 online resource (xvii, 287 pages)
London Mathematical Society student texts ; 76
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Table of Contents:
  • Machine generated contents note: Preface; 1. Joseph Liouville (1809-1888); 2. Liouville's ideas in number theory; 3. The arithmetic functions [sigma]k(n), [sigma]k*(n), dk,m(n) and Fk(n); 4. The equation i2 + jk = n; 5. An identity of Liouville; 6. A recurrence relation for [sigma]*(n); 7. The Girard-Fermat theorem; 8. A second identity of Liouville; 9. Sums of two, four and six squares; 10. A third identity of Liouville; 11. Jacobi's four squares formula; 12. Besge's formula; 13. An identity of Huard, Ou, Spearman and Williams; 14. Four elementary arithmetic formulae; 15. Some twisted convolution sums; 16. Sums of two, four, six and eight triangular numbers; 17. Sums of integers of the form x2+xy+y2; 18. Representations by x2+y2+z2+2t2, x2+y2+2z2+2t2 and x2+2y2+2z2+2t2; 19. Sums of eight and twelve squares; 20. Concluding remarks; References; Index.