Object-oriented programming via Fortran 90/95 [E-Book] / Ed Akin.
Akin, J. E., (author)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2003
1 online resource (xi, 348 pages)
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Learn how to write technical applications in a modern object-oriented approach, using Fortran 90 or 95. This book will teach you how to stop focusing on the traditional procedural abilities of Fortran and to employ the principles of object-oriented programming to produce clear, highly efficient executable codes. Get ready now to take advantage of all the features of the finalized, fully object-oriented Fortran 200X! In addition to covering the OOP methodologies the book also covers the basic foundation of the language and good programming skills, making the book valuable also as a good migration tool for experienced Fortran programmers who want to smoothly pick up the OOP paradigm. The author highlights common themes by using comparisons with Matlab and C++ and uses numerous cross-referenced examples to convey all concepts quickly and clearly. Complete code for the examples is included on the book's web page.