Coral reef conservation [E-Book] / edited by Isabelle M. Côté, John D. Reynolds.
Côté, Isabelle M., (editor)
Reynolds, John D., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2006
1 online resource (xix, 568 pages)
Conservation biology ; 13
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Table of Contents:
  • Status of coral reefs of the world : summary of threats and remedial action / Clive Wilkinson
  • Death and resurrection of Caribbean coral reefs : a palaeoecological perspective / William F. Precht and Richard B. Aronson
  • A seascape-level perspective of coral reef ecosystems / Peter J. Mumby and Alastair R. Harborne
  • Cold-water coral reefs : status and conservation / Emily Corcoran and Stefan Hain
  • Challenges and accomplishments towards sustainable reef fisheries / Tim McClanahan
  • Live food and non-food fisheries on coral reefs, and their potential management / Amanda C.J. Vincent
  • Tourism and coral-reef-based conservation : can they coexist? / Guy Jobbins
  • Longer-term impacts of climate change on coral reefs / Charles Sheppard
  • New approaches to estimating recent ecological changes on coral reefs / Isabelle M. C©þt©♭ ... [et al.]
  • Assessing the effectiveness of marine protected areas as a tool for improving coral reef management / Sue Wells
  • Environmental impact assessment for coral reefs : advocating direct protective approaches / John R. Turner ... [et al.]
  • Time for a third-generation economics-based approach to coral management / James Spurgeon
  • Collaborative and community-based conservation of coral reefs, with reference to marine reserves in the Philippines / Angel C. Alcala, Garry R. Russ, and Portia Nillos
  • Education as a tool for coral reef conservation : lessons from marine protected areas / Lisa J. Browning, R. Andrew O. Finlay, and Lorna R.E. Fox
  • Adaptive institutions for coral reef conservation / Katrina Brown
  • Coral reef restoration with case studies from Florida / Walter C. Jaap ... [et al.]
  • Redesigning coral reef conservation / Callum M. Roberts ... [et al.]
  • Coral reef coda : what can we hope for? / Nancy Knowlton.