Urbanism, health, and human biology in industrialised countries [E-Book] / edited by L.M. Schell, S.J. Ulijaszek.
Schell, Lawrence M., (editor)
Ulijaszek, Stanley J., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1999
1 online resource (x, 330 pages)
Society for the Study of Human Biology symposium series ; 40
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Table of Contents:
  • 1. Urbanism, urbanisation, health and human biology: an introduction / Lawrence M. Schell and Stanley J. Ulijaszek
  • 2. Urbanisation and urbanism in industrialised nations, 1850-present: implications for health / A. J. McMichael
  • 3. Urban development and change: present patterns and future prospects / David Clark
  • 4. Traditional environments: health and the perception of permanence in urban micro-environments / R. Huss-Ashmore and C. Behrman
  • 5. Emerging infectious diseases: biology and behavior in the inner city / George DiFerdinando
  • 6. Fecundity and ovarian function in urban environments / P. T. Ellison
  • 7. Pollution and child health / L. M. Schell and A. D. Stark
  • 8. Urbanism and health in industrialised Asia / J. Peters
  • 9. Urban poverty and nutrition in the United Kingdom / E. Dowler
  • 10. Poverty, nutrition and obesity in the USA / F. E. Johnston and P. Gordon-Larsen
  • 11. Nutritional status and its health consequences among low-income urban pregnant women: diet and environmental toxicants / S. Czerwinski
  • 12. Urbanism and psychosocial stress / Tessa M. Pollard
  • 13. Physical activity, lifestyle and health of urban populations / S. J. Ulijaszek
  • 14. HIV transmission in urban environments: London and beyond / M. Parker
  • 15. The future of urban environments / S. J. Ulijaszek and L. M. Schell.