Teaching psychiatry to undergraduates [E-Book] / edited by Tom Brown and John Eagles.
Brown, Tom M., (editor)
Eagles, John M., (editor)
London : Royal College of Psychiatrists, 2011
1 online resource (xiii, 322 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • How do students learn ? / Margery Davis and Madawa Chandratilake
  • Recent developments in undergraduate medical education / Margery Davis and Madawa Chandratilake
  • Undergraduate psychiatry teaching : the core curriculum / Stephen Cooper...[et al.]
  • The organisation of undergraduate teaching / Lindsay Thomson and Subodh Dave
  • Assessment of undergraduates in psychiatry / BrianLunn
  • Using computers to teach undergraduate psychiatry / Elizabandh Hare and Paul Hopper
  • How to give a lecture / Nisha Dogra
  • How to do small-group teaching / Nisha Dogra and Khalid Karim
  • Problem-based learning / Angela Cogan and Craig Melville
  • Teaching trainee psychiatrists how to teach medical students : the Southampton model / David Dayson and Faith Hill
  • lnvolving trainees in teaching / Neil Masson and Clare Oakley
  • Involvement of service users in psychiatric education / Nisha Dogra and Tracey Holley
  • Time-efficient clinical teaching / Greg Lydall
  • lntercalated degrees / Rachel Upthegrove, Lisa Jones and Femi Oyebode
  • Undergraduate experiences of psychiatry : a student view / Piana Hendry and Vivienne Blackhall
  • Integration : teaching psychiatry with other specialties / Teifion Davies
  • Teaching the teachers in a cross-cultural sandting : the Scotland-Malawi Mental Health Education Project / Johannes Leuvennink
  • International undergraduate teaching / Benjamin Baig
  • Teaching with simulated patients and role-play / John Eagles and Sheila Calder
  • Undergraduate medical education and recruitment to psychiatry / Tom Brown, John Eagles and Clare Oakley
  • Choosing psychiatry : factors influencing career choice among foundation doctors in Scotland / Premal Shah, Tom Brown and John Eagles
  • Funding of the teaching of medical undergraduates / Subodh Dave and Audrey Morrison
  • Dealing with students in difficulty / Richard Day
  • Training medical students to promote good mental health in secondary schools / Pander Sloan...[et al.]
  • Women in medicine / Rosalind Ramsay and Sheila Hollins.