Risk and uncertainty assessment for natural hazards [E-Book] / [edited by] Jonathan Rougier, Steve Sparks, Lisa J. Hill.
Rougier, Jonathan, (editor)
Hill, Lisa J., (editor) / Sparks, R. S. J., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2013
1 online resource (xi, 574 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Risk assessment and uncertainty in natural hazards / L.J. Hill, R.S.J. Sparks and J.C. Rougier
  • Quantifying hazard losses / J.C. Rougier
  • Model and data limitations: the sources and implications of epistemic uncertainty / J.C. Rougier and K.J. Beven
  • Quantifying scientific uncertainty from expert judgement elicitation / W.P. Aspinall and R.M. Cooke
  • Risk and uncertainty in hydrometeorological hazards / T.L. Edwards and P.G. Challenor
  • Hydrometeorological hazards under future climate change / T.L. Edwards
  • Flood risk and uncertainty / J. Freer, K.J. Beven, J. Neal, G. Schumann, J. Hall and P. Bates
  • Scientific uncertainties: a perspective from probabilistic seismic hazard assessments for low-seismicity areas / W.P. Aspinall
  • Landslide and avalanche hazards / T.K. Hincks, W.P. Aspinall, R.S.J. Sparks, E.A. Holcombe and M. Kern
  • Tsunami hazard and risk / T.K. Hincks, R.S.J. Sparks and W.P. Aspinall
  • Risk and uncertainty assessment of volcanic hazards / R.S.J. Sparks, W.P. Aspinall, H.S. Crosweller and T.K. Hincks
  • Risk assessment and management of wildfires / T.K. Hincks, B.D. Malamud, R.S.J. Sparks, M.J. Wooster and T.J. Lynham
  • Catastrophic impacts of natural hazards on technological facilities and infrastructure / R.S.J. Sparks, W.P. Aspinall, N.A. Chapman, B.E. Hill, D.J. Kerridge, J. Pooley and C.A. Taylor
  • Statistical aspects of risk characterisation in ecotoxicology / G.L. Hickey and A. Hart
  • Social science perspectives on natural hazards risk and uncertainty / S.E. Cornell and M.S. Jackson
  • Natural hazards and risk: the human perspective / H.S. Crosweller and J. Wilmshurst.