Physics and chemistry of earth materials [E-Book] / Alexandra Navrotsky.
Navrotsky, Alexandra, (author)
6th ed.
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1994
1 online resource (xiii, 417 pages)
Cambridge topics in mineral physics and chemistry ; 6
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With an approach that stresses the fundamental solid state behaviour of minerals, and with emphasis on both theory and experiment, this 1995 text surveys the physics and chemistry of earth materials. It starts with a systematic tour of crystal chemistry of both simple and complex structures (with completely new structural drawings) and discusses how structural and thermodynamic information is obtained experimentally. The quantitative concepts of chemical bonding - band theory, molecular orbit and ionic models - are reviewed. The book goes on to discuss physical properties and to relate microscopic features to macroscopic thermodynamic behaviour. The book then discusses high pressure phase transitions, amorphous materials and solid state reactions, and concludes with a look at the interface between mineral physics and materials science. Highly illustrated throughout, this book fills the gap between undergraduate texts and specialised review volumes, for students in earth sciences and materials science.