A primer of algebraic D-modules [E-Book] / S.C. Coutinho.
Coutinho, S. C., (author)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1995
1 online resource (xii, 207 pages)
London Mathematical Society student texts ; 33
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The theory of D-modules is a rich area of study combining ideas from algebra and differential equations, and it has significant applications to diverse areas such as singularity theory and representation theory. This book introduces D-modules and their applications avoiding all unnecessary over-sophistication. It is aimed at beginning graduate students and the approach taken is algebraic, concentrating on the role of the Weyl algebra. Very few prerequisites are assumed, and the book is virtually self-contained. Exercises are included at the end of each chapter and the reader is given ample references to the more advanced literature. This is an excellent introduction to D-modules for all who are new to this area.