Perspectives in plant cell recognition [E-Book] / edited by J.A. Callow, J.R. Green.
Callow, J. A., (editor)
Green, J. R., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1992
1 online resource (xiii, 302 pages)
Society for Experimental Biology seminar series ; 48
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Table of Contents:
  • Sexual signalling in Chlamydomonas
  • Gamete recognition and fertilisation in the fucoid algae
  • Fungal surface and its role in sexual interactions
  • Gamete recognition in angiosperms
  • Molecular biology of self-incompatible responses
  • Cell surface arabinogalactan proteins, arabinogalactans and plant development
  • Local and systemic signalling during a plant defence response
  • Contact sensing during infection by fungal pathogens
  • Electrophysiology of root-zoospore interactions
  • Molecular differentiation and development of the host-parasite interface in powdery mildew of pea
  • Recognition signals and initiation of host responses controlling basic incompatibility between fungi and plants
  • Cell surface interactions in endomycorrhizal symbiosis
  • Host recognition in the Rhizobium leguminosarum-pea symbiosis
  • Rhizobium trap : root hair curling in root-nodule symbiosis
  • Structure and function of Rhizobium lipopolysaccharide in relation to legume nodule development.