Developmental psychobiology of aggression [E-Book] / edited by David M. Stoff, Elizabeth J. Susman.
Stoff, David M., (editor)
Susman, Elizabeth J., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2005
1 online resource (xii, 304 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • An integrated perspective on contemporary psychobiological research in aggression / David M. Stoff and Elizabeth J. Susman
  • Animal studies on inappropriate aggressive behavior following stress and alcohol exposure in adolescence / Craig F. Ferris
  • Touch deprivation and aggression against self among adolescents / Tiffany Field
  • Social deprivation, social-emotional behavior, and the plasticity of dopamine function / Paul L. Gendreau and Mark H. Lewis
  • Running head: identifying pathways for adjustment / Julia A. Graber, Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, and Andrea B. Archibald
  • Toward an integrative account of the development of aggressive behavior / Kathryn E. Hood
  • Life-course persistent and adolescent-limited antisocial males: longitudinal follow-up to adulthood / Terrie E. Moffitt and Avshalom Caspi
  • The nteraction of biological and social measures in the explanation of antisocial and violent behavior / Adrian Raine
  • How gene-environment interactions shape the development of impulsive aggression in rhesus monkeys / Stephen J. Suomi
  • A biocultural life history approach to the developmental psychobiology of male aggression / Carol M. Worhman and Ryan A. Brown
  • Intersections of biology and behavior in young children's antisocial patterns: the role of development, gender and socialization / Carolyn Zahn-Waxler & Barbara Usher
  • Psychobiology of aggressive behavior: a synthesis and reconsideration / Elizabeth J. Susman and David M. Stoff.