Bioarchaeology of Southeast Asia [E-Book] / edited by Marc Oxenham, Nancy Tayles.
Oxenham, Marc, (editor)
Tayles, N. G., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2006
1 online resource (xiv, 360 pages)
Cambridge studies in biological and evolutionary anthropology ; 43
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Table of Contents:
  • Foreword : emerging frontiers in the bioarchaeology of Southeast Asia / Clark Spencer Larsen
  • Introduction : Southeast Asia bioarchaeology past and present / Nancy Tayles and Marc Oxenham
  • The population history of Southeast Asia viewed from morphometric analyses of human skeletal and dental remains / Hirofumi Matsumura
  • A multivariate craniometric study of the prehistoric and modern inhabitants of Southeast Asia, East Asia and surrounding regions : a human kaleidoscope? / Michael Pietrusewsky
  • Interpretation of craniofacial variation and diversification of East and Southeast Asians / Tsunehiko Hanihara
  • New perspectives on the peopling of Southeast and East Asia during the late Upper Pleistocene / Fabrice Demeter
  • Human variation and evolution in Holocene peninsular Malaysia / David Bulbeck and Adam Lauer
  • Dentition of the Batak people of Palawan Island, the Philippines : Southeast Asian Negrito origins / Christy G. Turner II and James F. Eder
  • Subsistence change and dental health in the people of Non Nok Tha, northeast Thailand / Michele Toomay Douglas
  • Human biology from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age in the Mun River Valley of northeast Thailand / Kate Domett and Nancy Tayles
  • Palaeodietary change among pre-state metal age societies in northeast Thailand : a study using bone stable isotopes / Christopher A. King and Lynette Norr
  • The oral health consequences of the adoption and intensification of agriculture in Southeast Asia / Marc Oxenham, Nguyen Lan Cuong and Nguyen Kim Thuy
  • Cranial lesions on the late Pleistocene Indonesian Homo erectus Ngandong 7 / Etty Indriati
  • 'The predators within' : investigating the relationship between malaria and health in the prehistoric Pacific islands / Hallie R. Buckley
  • Synthesising Southeast Asian population history and palaeohealth / Marc Oxenham and Nancy Tayles.