Warm climates in earth history [E-Book] / edited by Brian T. Huber, Kenneth G. MacLeod, Scott L. Wing.
Huber, Brian T., (editor)
MacLeod, Kenneth G., (editor) / Wing, Scott L., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2000
1 online resource (xviii, 462 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Warm climate forcing mechanisms /
  • Paul J. Valdes
  • Recent advances in paleoclimate modeling : toward better simulations of warm paleoclimates /
  • Robert M. DeCanto, Starley L. Thompson and Dave Pollard
  • Comparison of zonal temperature profiles for past warm time periods /
  • Thomas J. Crowley and James C. Zachos
  • Comparison of early Eocene isotopic paleotemperatures and the three-dimensional OGCM temperature field : the potential for use of model-derived surface water [Delta]O /
  • Karen L. Bice, Lisa C. Sloan, and Eric J. Barron
  • Deep-sea environments on a warm earth : latest Paleocene-early Eocene /
  • Ellen Thomas, James C. Zachos, and Timothy J. Bralower
  • Mountains and Eocene climate /
  • Richard D. Norris, Richard M. Corfield, and Karen Hayes-Baker
  • Early Eocene cool period? : evidence for continental cooling during the warmest part of the Cenozoic /
  • Scott L. Wing, Huiming Bao, and Paul L. Koch
  • Paleontological and geochemical constraints on the deep ocean during the Cretaceous greenhouse interval /
  • Kenneth G. MacLeod, Brian T. Huber, and My Le Ducharme
  • Late Cretaceous climate, vegetation, and ocean interactions /
  • Robert M. DeConto [and others]
  • Jurassic phytogeography and climates : new data and model comparisons /
  • Peter McA. Rees, Alfred M. Ziegler, and Paul J. Valdes
  • Permian and Triassic high latitude paleoclimates : evidence from fossil biotas /
  • Edith L. Taylor, Thomas N. Taylor, and N. Rubén Cúneo
  • Organic carbon burial and faunal dynamics in the Appalachian Basin during the Devonian (Givetian-Famennian) greenhouse : an integrated paleoecological and biogeochemical approach /
  • Adam E. Murphy [and others]
  • Glaciation in the early Paleozoic 'greenhouse' : the roles of paleogeography and atmoshperic CO₂ /
  • Mark T. Gibbs [and others]
  • Carbon dioxide and Phanerozoic climate /
  • Thomas J. Crowley.