Low temperature biology of insects [E-Book] / edited by David L. Denlinger, Richard E. Lee, Jr.
Denlinger, David L., (editor)
Lee, Jr, Richard E., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2010
1 online resource (xiii, 390 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • A primer on insect cold-tolerance / Richard E. Lee Jr.
  • Rapid cold-hardening : ecological significance and underpinning mechanisms / Richard E. Lee Jr. and David L. Denlinger
  • Antifreeze and ice-nucleator proteins / John G. Duman [and others]
  • Genomics, proteomics and metabolomics : finding the other players in insect cold-tolerance / M. Robert Michaud and David L. Denlinger
  • Cell structural modifications in insects at low temperatures / Vladimír Koštál
  • Oxygen : stress and adaptation in cold-hardy insects / Kenneth B. Storey and Janet M. Storey
  • Interactions between cold, desiccation and environmental toxins / Martin Holmstrup [and others]
  • The macrophysiology of insect cold-hardiness / Steven L. Chown and Brent J. Sinclair
  • Evolutionary physiology of insect thermal adaptation to cold environments / Raymond B. Huey
  • Insects at not so low temperature : climate change in the temperate zone and its biotic consequences / William E. Bradshaw and Christina M. Holzapfel
  • Genetic variability and evolution of cold-tolerance / Johannes Overgaard, Jesper G. Sørensen and Volker Loeschcke
  • Life history adaptations to polar and alpine environments / Peter Convey
  • A template for insect cryopreservation / Roger A. Leopold and Joseph P. Rinehart
  • Implications of cold tolerance for pest management / Jeffrey S. Bale.