Development, function, and evolution of teeth [E-Book] / edited by Mark F. Teaford, Moya Meredith Smith, and Mark W.J. Ferguson.
Teaford, Mark Franklyn, (editor)
Smith, Moya Meredith, (editor) / Ferguson, Mark W. J., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2000
1 online resource (ix, 314 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Part I. Genes, Molecules and Tooth Initiation
  • 1. Homeobox genes in initiation and shape of teeth during development in mammalian embryos / Paul T. Sharpe
  • 2. Return of lost structure in the developmental control of tooth shape / Jukka Jernvall and Irma Thesleff
  • 3. Molecules implicated in odontoblast terminal differentiation and dentinogenesis / J.V. Ruch and H. Lesot
  • 4. Enamel biomineralization : the assembly and disassembly of the protein extracellular organic matrix / Alan G. Fincham [and others]
  • Part II. Tooth Tissues: Development and Evolution
  • 5. Evolutionary origins of dentine in the fossil record of early vertebrates : diversity, development and function / Moya Smith and Ivan Sansom
  • 6. Pulpo-dentinal interactions in development and repair of dentine / Tony Smith
  • 7. Prismless enamel in amniotes : terminology, function and evolution / P. Martin Sander
  • 8. Two different strategies in enamel differentiation : marsupial versus eutheria / Wighart V. Koenigswald
  • 9. Incremental markings in enamel and dentine : what they can tell is about the way teeth grow / M.C. Dean
  • Part III. Evolution of Tooth Shape and the Dentition
  • 10. Evolutionary origins of teeth and jaws : developmental models and phylogenetic patterns / Moya Smith and Mike Coates
  • 11. Development and evolution of dentition patterns and their genetic basis / Zhiyong Zhao, Kenneth N. Weiss and David W. Stock
  • 12. Evolution of tooth attachment in lower vertebrates to tetrapods / Peter Gangler
  • 13. Tooth replacement patterns in non-mammalian vertebrates / Barry Berkovitz
  • 14. The evolution of tooth shape and tooth function in primates / P.M. Butler
  • 15. 'Schultz's Rule' and the evolution of tooth emergence and replacement patterns in primates and ungulates / B. Holly Smith
  • Part IV. Macrostructure and Function
  • 16. Developmental plasticity in the dentition of a heterodont polyphyodont fish species / Ann Huysseune
  • 17. Enamel microporosity and its functional implications / Peter Shellis and George Dibdin
  • 18. Pathways to functional differentiation in mammalian enamel / John M. Rensberger
  • 19. Trends in the evolution of molar crown types in ungulate mammals : evidence from the northern hemisphere / J. Jernvall, J.P. Hunter and M. Fortelius
  • 20. Function of postcanine tooth crown shape in mammals / Peter W. Lucas and Charles R. Peters
  • 21. Primate dental functional morphology revisited / Mark F. Teaford.