Cases in emergency airway management [E-Book] / edited by Lauren C. Berkow, John C. Sakles.
Berkow, Lauren C., (editor)
Sakles, John C., (editor)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2015
1 online resource (x, 227 pages)
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Table of Contents:
  • Machine generated contents note: 1. Anatomic consideration for airway management Gail I. Randel and Tracey Straker; 2. Airway algorithms and guidelines Carlos A. Artime and Carin A. Hagberg; 3. A general approach to management and evaluation of the emergency airway Adam Schiavi and Christina Miller; 4. Management of patients with angioedema Wendy H. L. Teoh and Michael Seltz Kristensen; 5. Stridor due to upper airway obstruction/mass Sage P. Whitmore; 6. Tracheostomy-related airway emergencies Vinciya Pandian, Mueen Ahmad and Nasir Bhatti; 7. Subglottic airway emergencies Seth Manoach and Oren A. Friedman; 8. Airway management in patients with tracheo-bronchial traumatic injury Felipe Urdaneta; 9. Airway management of the patient with morbid obesity Davide Cattano and Ruggero M. Corso; 10. Adult and pediatric epiglottitis Calvin A. Brown, III; 11. Management of foreign body aspiration in pediatric and adult patients Neal Patrick Moehrle and Narasimhan Jagannathan; 12. Management of anterior mediastinal mass Basem Abdelmalak; 13. The asthmatic crisis Sal J. Suau and Peter M. C. DeBlieux; 14. Airway management of the pregnant patient Mohammed A. Abdel-Rahim, Lori Ann Wilkinson Suffredini and Jean-Pierre P. Ouanes; 15. Management of patients with laryngospasm Kenneth H. Butler; 16. Airway compression by expanding hematoma Michael Seltz Kristensen and Wendy H. L. Teoh; 17. Extubation of the difficult airway Richard M. Cooper; 18. Management of blunt and penetrating neck trauma Erik G. Laurin; 19. Airway management of patients with smoke inhalation Jarrod M. Mosier; 20. Airway management in cervical spine injury Jaime Daly and Keith J. Ruskin; 21. Airway management in facial trauma Rob Reardon and Marc Martel; 22. Airway management in head injury Christa San Luis and Athir Morad; 23. Airway management of pediatric congenital anomalies Paul Baker and Natasha Woodman; 24. Management of post-tonsillectomy hemorrhage Nick Dalesio; 25. Fiberoptic intubation William Rosenblatt and P. Allan Klock, Jr; 26. Videolaryngoscopy for emergency intubation Kenneth P. Rothfield and John C. Sakles; 27. Surgical airway management Aaron E. Bair; 28. Communicating airway information: difficult airway letters and the MedicAlert National Difficult Airway/Intubation Registry Lorraine Foley, Vinciya Pandian and Lynette Mark.